Mollie’s Memorial Page RIP @westiedoggy

Sadly and very suddenly one of the biggest characters on twitter was snatched away from us on 6th of August 2013, We have set this page up as a memorial for her friends to share messages and for her mum to visit when she is ready to see how many hearts Mollie touched.


Our thoughts go out to Mollies mum and we want

her to know how much Mollie will be missed and we will all be here for her when she feels ready to tweet again , we not only loved Mollie, we all love her mum too so whilst Mollie has been taken to take care of her dad we will be here for her mum.

RIP Mollie



22nd November 2010 – 6th August 2013

Mollies mum has asked that Mollie be remembered for her zoomies .


A reason, A season, A lifetime

by unknown

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON . . . It is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrong doing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realise is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered. And now it is time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON . . . Because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Please fill in the box below with your comment for Mollies mum and we will be adding them gradually


this is a poem @spanielharry wrote

Harry wrote this poem about Mollie-page-001This morning Cheryl @Katinka52 went to St. Winifreds to light a candle for Mollie and her dad


you can light a candle here


Bazil n Molly

 Run free Mollie, we’ll miss you but obviously you’re dad needed you. We’ll look after your mum. Love you always x
twittername: @bazil_blum

: Harry

 Gud nite darling Mollie
Today has been sad
I have been thinking lots
Bout yoo and yoo dad
I wuv yoo sweet Molie
More than yoo will know
It has broken my heart
Dat yoo had to go
But I know fur sure
One day we shall be
Running togefur
In a land where we is free.
I wuv yoo Mollie watch ofur yoo mum xxxxxxx
twittername: @spanielharry

Paddy O’Connell

 Mollie, you were one of the first people I got to know on Twitter. I instantly loved you and your cheeky, norty, sulky ways. You were one of the kindest most loving pal anyone could ask for. The only comfort we can all take from this awful news is you and Dad are together again now. Keep shining bright Molls, keep zooming around the rainbow bridge and keep watching over Mum & Ellz. We’ll all be there to love & support her on your behalf. Love you Miss Mollie x x x
twittername: @TibetanPaddy

Shoshauna Kirkpatrick-Yallop

 Nothing anyone can say will ease this for you. I have a westie myself and he’s my baby boy and best friend. But I just want to tell you how much I’m feeling for you right now. Mollie was lucky to have had you and you were lucky to have had her. Treasure that thought and know you made her feel very happy, safe and loved. And she’s taken those feelings to wherever she is now. X
twittername: Ladyshoshaunakp
Name: Kevin and Wayne
 Mollie u were one of our first an best fwends on twitter an we will miss u tewwibly. We can’t understand why u wos taken so early but hope u are safe wiv ur dad an watching ovfur ur mum. We know we’ll see u again one day, till then we are here for ur mum when she needs us. Luv u Mollie, will miss u evfury day xxx
twittername: Kevin the whippet
Name: Eric McBrug
 Mollie was taken too soon, some doggies are just to precious for this world and Mollie was one of them. She spread happiness to all who knew her even through her saddest time of losing her beloved Daddy. She is reunited with her Dad and runs free with him RIP MOLLIE xx
twittername: @EricMcBrug
Name: Anne
so sad to loose a Westie I lost Tess 15th Aug 2012 she was 13 so lost without her that a week later Rosie came into our lives 18 months old we love her to bits makes us laugh every day
twittername: @Jaquesmorgan

Sarah & Boo

 Even though I didn’t know you very well, I know all about your zoomies, Mollie run free and know there are lots of people here who will look after your wonderful mum, you were taken from us too young, look after your daddy and look down on your mum, lots of love and hugs to you and your mum xxx
Your twitter name: @sedgewick100
Name: Darcy
 Mollie is now with her guardian Angels and wiv her daddy! Look up into the sky and see a bright shiny star looking down on you! Mollie will be with you always , your memories most treasured! All the fun and laughter you shared, will be with you forever! Bless you, remember your poochy twitter fwends will be with you and helping you through this very sad time! Out thoughts and prayers are with you!
Lotsa love hugs and strength Darcy and her mummy Amanda xxx
Your twitter name: Darcy diaries

Samantha Benham

I am So Sorry For The Lost Of Mollie,Dogs Are My Friends.I Am So Sad,But Just Remember The Love You Gave To Little Mollie.You Done Something Good,Something Money Cant Buy & Thats LOVE.RIP LITTLE ONE.
twittername: samantha Benham
Name: Harvey Cusick
 Mollie you da best westie me has ever known and one of me best pals. Me miss you soo much and me promise to keep making yer mum smile with all me fecking.  Tell yer fecking dad to fecking look after you or me and bease come bite him.   Me cannot tell you how sad me is and me will never ever furget you. You were da funniest sulkiest lickle dog me has ever known and me will luf yer furever, me will look after yer mum. You take care of dad love yer friend Lord Sossige xxxxxxx
Your twitter name: Harvey Cusick
Name: Angel
 I will miss your sulks, I will miss your smiles, I will miss your zoomies but most of all I will miss you and of course your Good Morning that was waiting for me every day come rain or shine.  Zoom free Mollie.
Your twitter name: @angelthefurball
Name: Beasley Dogue
 Dear Molls
Me cudn’t bewieve me eyes wen me saw da noos. Me text me bwuvver fwom hannovver muvver, Harv to find out hif it woz twue. Me normally dont bewieve noffink him say cos him fick as pig muck. But it woz. Me devastated. Me luff yoo so much, yoo kindness always wanting to ‘elp peeple wen yoo ‘ad yoo hown pwoblems when yoo fecker dad woz poorly. Me know yoo wed him our tweets to make him smile (larfin at our tweets? How feckin wude!) bahahaaha & me ‘ope yoo found him ho-k hup der at da bwidge. Twatter wont be da same wivout yoo. I never pawget all da help yoo gived me wiv me auction. To elp dogues less fortoonates dan ourselfs. Me will twy and keep Ella hon da stwaight & narra but she edstwong & always bitin Izzy! She luffed yoo so much even tho yoo sed we fugly! Bwave Molls bewwy Bwave! BOL!
Last night me, Harv & Bazil & our hembawassin mamas met hup at da pub! (Where else?) we saw a lil westie come hinto da beer garden & we all hagweed it woz a sign!
We luff yoo & miss yoo. Dont wowwy we will look hafter yoo mama Kay.
Luff pawever Beasley xxx
Your twitter name: Beasley Dogue

Hansje Kalff

: We will miss you dear Mollie, but they say that beyond the Rainbow Bridge there is only happiness. One day we will all meet again.
Your twitter name: CookTheDog
Name: Alfie
 Temporary partings are always painful & tearful but the comfort comes from knowing we will meet again.
with love from Alfie & mum xx
Your twitter name: @AlfieBeardie
Name: Lorraine
We are so sad that dear Mollie has passed, we know your pain only too well. Take comfort that she is with her Daddy now, Stars shining above. Run free little one xxx
Your twitter name: @mollybear68
Name: Brandy
: Der r soo many luffly fings alweady sed dat me not no wat to say, cept me mornins ain’t eva gonna be der same, me missin yer soo much me eyes ain’t stopped leakin. Me not no why des awful fings appen but ope ders a gud weason fur dem! U ad such a hooge personality dat me no u is impossible to weplace, miss mollie waz an apt name! Ur mamma is amongst gud fwends an we will elp er frou dis! X
Your twitter name: Vipervillan
Name: kane
 So sowwy u had to go so soons Mollie but Heaven needed a big white fluffy angel. U were so cute and a pickle at times! I miss u. We here fur u mum nows. Wun fwee little wun and find ur dad he waiting fur you by da bwidge. Love Kane and mam xx
Your twitter name: @angelshair01
Name: Charlie and Derek
 We az only nown Mollie fur short time but we fink she waz a sooper liccul doggie an we will miss er vewy much. We ope yor mummy Kay wemembers all da gud times u all ad togevva and dat one dey she will be smilin agen.
We sends r best wishus, we finking abowt u at dis vewy sad time.
Your twitter name: Charlie__Derek
Name: Dolly and Laura
: Dear Kay, we were only watching Mollie do zoomies the day before your bad news. She made us smile. Although you feel empty and so sad right now, I promise you that soon you will say “do you remember when Mollie did….” And it will make you smile.  What a wonderful community of friends you have here and we all send our thoughts and love to you xxx
Your twitter name: Hellodollywest
Name: Minet & Toby
 We are so sad to hear about losing Mollie. We know that mum is having à difficult time. Life can be so cruel. Big hugs from Toby & Minet
Your twitter name: Tobywankenobi1
Name: Annie
: Beautiful, kind, caring and funny. That was my best friend Mollie.  I miss her so much but know we will be together some day. I will miss our chats and how we were always there for each other xxxx
Your twitter name: Annie4AlfiesLaw
Name: Gwenda
Dear Kay, I can’t begin to tell you how sad we all are, you were two of my very first friends on twitter and have been very good friends to us all, we know Molls will be watching over us and barking at all we do, she will be a beautiful shining angel keeping everyone in line, we will never forget dearest Mollie and all the fun we had, she will be enjoying her walks with her dad now, we are heartbroken and miss you Molls, always in our thoughts and prayers, luvs ya Molls, love, Gwenda,Emma, and the guys xxxx
Your twitter name: @Grandma_Bobbins
Name: Sharon
 Can’t believe my gorgeous dog daughter is gone. Will miss you lots. Love you always Molls xxx
Your twitter name: @Barney34
Name: Jenny Springer
Hey there .. Mollie was one of my first special pals on twitter..I remember all da funny tweets we had togetha and also the sad times .. I am sad that I won’t get to send moll the birthday card I promised.. I like to think of mollie snuggling on her dads knee now safe in his arms in heaven xxxx
Your twitter name: Jenny Springer 1
Name: SassyCassyCat
 Mollie’s presence will be with you always x Mollie was a wonderful and fun fwend to effuryone! She  made dis wknd so special wiv her fun tweets on my burfday xx  Frum now on the saying “pol” will only be spechul for Mollie-her seem to weally get laff out of dat.We are all here for you Kay xxxx sending luv and hugs to you xxxx Purrrs out loud for Mollie xx
Your twitter name: SassyCassy


Name: Bruno & human
 We are sad that Mollie has gone, but happy that we got to know her on twitter. If we ever see a Westie we will think of Mollie and of you, especially if it is doing zoomies! We hope that in time you will carry on tweeting so that you can see how many friends you and Mollie have in the twitterverse.
Your twitter name: @Brunocockapoo
Name: Willo & Holly
 We were so shocked to see your sad news as we’d only been having our morning chat with Mollie a little bit earlier. We will miss those morning chats. Miss Mollie lit up our day she was one of our bestest friends on twitter. We will always remember her zoomies and trying to blag a few more of those tasty treats she got. And then when she didn’t get them she’d have a wee sulk. Such a beautiful baby taken away too early but she blessed your life and ours and we will always be grateful to have known her even if it was too short xx
Your twitter name: @HDUFC
Name: Juneau & Sunny
 We so very sorry & shocked by this news.  We will always remember sweet Mollie’s zoomies.  She with her daddy. Take comfort in that. Big Husky Kisses & Hugs xoxo
Your twitter name: cagans76
Name: Carolyn
Only got to know you recently, but you made a big impression. You were the kindest, sweetest girl, always thinking of others and trying to help. In sun puddle with your dad again. Rest in Peace Mollie and we’re here for your mummy so don’t worry xxx
Your twitter name: @walkandwatch
Name: Irene
: So sad when any pet dies our thoughts are with you,cannot inagine how sad you must be feeling. Take care
twittername: @iluvglitter


Name: Sparkle
 My dear little doggy furrwend  Molls, I knows u did not actually like cats in real life but we were furrwends , u was so kind to efurryone , I has put the plaque u bought me on my hammy so I will always fink of u when I go snoozies. I will always remember u in da pink hat I made u, u loved dat hat. U was a sooper  little doggy , I fink you has gone on a special mission wiv your Daddy now , I knows u wouldn’t have wanted to leave your mum tho but u can b sure dat all her Twitter anipals will b there for her whenever she needs dem. I make dat a solemn #pawpromise *puts paw to heart*
I did some zoomies round da garden today in your honour , efurrytime i see a rose in bloom now i will fink of u my little angel furrwend. *Leaky eyes* Me & Mum has had 2 froofy coffees today and I got da froof on my nose, u would have laffed.
Take care little one, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge , your kitty furrwend Sparkle xx
Your twitter name: @sparklecatcat
Name: Cocoa and Flash
 We only knew Mollie through our other pals but we know how special she was to them. Mollie was taken far too soon and we are sad not to have known her better.
Your twitter name: TheHamsterHouse
Name: Angel
 Yoo cannot imagine how sad me and mammy were when we heard dat yoo had gone to Rainbow Bridge Mollie. Yoo were one of da furst fwiends I met on twitter and loved to hear about yoo zoomies and watch yoo videos on Yootube, speshully da one when yoo got yoo Octy. Run fwee Mollie, yoo haf gone too soon sweet gurl. We all here fur yoo mum too, when she weady to tweet again. Sending big staffie hugs xxx
Your twitter name: @staffyangel
Name: Molly Moo
I couldn’t quite beleebs it yesfurday when I saw da news we didn’t talks efurry day but woo was still a werry close furiend. I still laffs when I finks of your zoomies woo was so speshul and how woo wuffed your froofy coffee me and sparks and missy has created da #molliefroof coffee in your honour and we all sits and pawmembers woo! Woo was a speshul liccle girl who has left us all werry sad but me finks your daddy wanted woo wiv him we will looks after your mummy and efurry night when I looks out da window I will sees your star twinkling wiv your daddy – missing you lots Mollie wuffs Moo xxxxx
Your twitter name: @doggymolly
Name: Archie.
Mollie. Heaven gained an angel but the earth lost a warrior 😴😇💪🙏 sleep tight Mollie run free my friend til we meet again xxxxx
Your twitter name: @Thedog_tate


Name: Phi Botticelli
 Through tears mom and me read da news and me stamp my paws and said arooo, dat not fair. Me hold your mum ‘s hands in our paws and cry with her. Hope she can feel our hugs and love and know you have a bootiful cloud to play on with your dad. You knew your mum loved you every instant of your life and that is a gift. When an angel is in our midst, you can bet we will wiggle her ears and sniff her nose and wonder if it is you. We love you. Bless your dear mom.
Your twitter name: Phi Botticelli
Name: Judy & Jenny
Cant quite believe we won’t see Mollie zooming about again but I’m sure she is doing her zoomies with her Daddy now.He must have called her name & she wanted to go.She is watching over you knowing you have so many happy memories to keep you strong.We will be there for you,dont ever be lonely or sad, there couldn’t be a better place for her to be.She walks alongside you,she shares your pillow~she will never leave your side,she will never leave your heart.Run free special girl,we will never forget you.You touched our hearts,you made us smile,you only stayed a little while,but memories will stay forever,we won’t forget you Molls-not ever!
Your twitter name: Judysale23
Name: 3phibotticelli
: We read the news and stamped paws and said dat is not fair. Me did zoomies in your honor den sat with mom and we cried. We stand with your mum paw in hand and honor your life of joy and glee and will never take a day for granted. When we feel an angel in our midst we will wiggle ears, sniff and wag and know you have come to play. Dad must have needed you and we will be there for your mum. You are always and furever in our hearts. Blessings to you, dear pal.
Your twitter name: Phi Botticelli
Name: Jeffy and mummy becky
: Don’t cry mollies mummy , I know that it’s sad.
But mollie is happy doing zoomies with dad.
In spirit mollie will remain by your side.
So please mollies mummy try not to cry.
Be happy that Mollie brought smiles and love.
A light for us all a blessing from above.
Miss you every day mollie , we’ll all take care of mummy for you , love jeffy and mummy xxxxxxx
Your twitter name: @jeffythecat
Name: Lisa H
: I’m so sorry to hear about Miss Mollie. Such a sweet & beautiful soul. She will always be with you in your heart and memories.
Your twitter name: Lisa H
Name: Pickle the Whippet
 Although we never met Molls we feel a huge loss on Twitter Molls was always so kind & friendly, we are here for you when you feel ready to tweet with us all again.
Luvs Pickle
Your twitter name: Whippetpickle
Message from Kay Mollies mum-page-001
Name: Jezebel
 “You can’t experience love without also experiencing pain
But not to risk that pain by refusing to love leaves a far deeper scar.”
Safe journey over The Bridge, Mollie my fureind.
Your twitter name: JezebelsLife
Name: Chloe Meehan
 This is a beautiful poem that was given to us by the mum of @NoCryBabyDogs when I lost my beautiful  @AngelKeely I hope you like it:
A message from the bridge…………..
  i would know your voice
if I slept a thousand years
the sound of it would wrestle down
the greatest of my fears
I would know your voice
over waterfalls of pain
I would travel days on end
to see you once again
But I have crossed
and you are left
to wait for that bright day
when I see you coming home …
we’ll run, we’ll sit .. we’ll play
It will seem like seconds passed
since last you hugged me tight
Sleep sweet, my master
I will wait.
Sleep sweet in Rainbow’s light.
ingrid trinka ©2012
Your twitter name: @ourChloePup
Name: Riley
I haven’t known what to say. I still don’t know now! While we didn’t talk every day, I always looked for Mollie in my timeline. You’ve experienced such loss these months. We’ve had some serious DM chats, and some laughs too. I know how much you adored Mollie. She had a grand personality. Stubborn, sulky, funny. Not getting what she wanted and letting you know her displeasure! She loved her zoomies and her park – before & after the gypsies! Mollie will always be with you in your heart along with her Dad who is taking wonderful care of her now. I’m so glad you’re staying on twitter. We’d all be a little lost without you. Much love to you.
Your twitter name: @rileydevildog
Riley made this picture for Mollie
Name: Nanook & Ozzie
: Tis vewy sad when a furbaby crosses over da rainbow bwidge but we iz sure you iz havin fun wiv your dad and doin lots of zoomies RIP Mollie xx
Your twitter name: @nook_oz
Can’t believe it’s been nearly a year Mollie since you went to your dad. I used to love to read about your zoomies and sulks, reminding me of my beloved young Westie Bolly. She had lots of cuddles that day. All our love from Joy (Bolly’s mom) and BollytheWestie xxxxPS Mommy borrowed the Miss part of your name for me, hope you don’t mind. Love & woofs Miss Bolly xxxx
Your twitter name: BaggieBabe1966 & MissBolly

you can either leave comment at the bottom of the page or if you can fill in this comments box and it will be added for you xxxx

4 comments on “Mollie’s Memorial Page RIP @westiedoggy

  • Just want to say how beautiful and heartwarming your memorial page is for Mollie. I know it is very spechul and helps her mum Kay during this hurtful time. Thank you for giving us this page to share our thoughts for Mollie and her mum. Xxxx

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