@EricMcBrug birfday #Brughug Box

ERIC'S #BRUGHUG BIRFDAYSAny one on twitter who duz kno Eric knows wot a sweetheart n gawgus lickle cutie he iz n sumfink only Eric can do iz give yoo a #brughug.
On da darkest of days a #brughug can bring so much light into your day, he is somefink speshul.
When we saw dat Eric had gots himself a birfday book we fort it wud be gweat to gets him involved wiv our newsletter me n Squiggle did want to do , so we asked him and kept our paws cwossed and he said yes.
On #woofwoofwednesdays we gonna do a newsletter fingy with news n revoos based on fings fwom Squiggles shop kind4k9.co.uk , we gonna do da okashunal intervoo n bits n pieces dependin on wot we up to dat week n wots goin on but da one fing dat gonna be constant is ERICS #BRUGHUG BIRFDAY BOX, where he gonna list our twitter fwends birfdays so we can all say Happy Birfday to em and Eric can send em a #brughug.
If yooo wants to be menshuned or a fwend menshuned pleeze can yoo tweet Eric wiv it , no point saying oh yoo not dun me, if yoo dont tells us how we meant to know.
In time we hopin do have a lickle Horoscope fing goin on too.

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