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Bella and @squiggledog catch up with @kevinthewhippet

Published February 25, 2015 by Bellisimobella1

Squiggllleeee squiggs are you ready tis time to intervoo kevinimage


Wot dats next week, not dis week, wot you on about Bells, I gots a delivery comin today


Well you haf to leave your mum to deal wif the delivery we gotta do our qweshuns fur kevin before we gets there


Well wots if I unpack da delivery and we go fru da qweshuns at same time


Oh ok I can help you unpack da delivery *bella starts sniffing every box *

Bells no you sit ovfur there you getting evfurryfink wet wif your drool

Pffft ok but I just tryin to help , wots in these boxes anyway

Nuffink you be interested in , now you sit ovfur there and get your iPawd out and we fink of da qweshuns fur kevin


Question 1: You been whizzy busy since we last intervooed you, how many dress ups did you do last year?image


Kevin Replied: Wow, dat’s a hard qweschun, I fink I gonna have to fink back an count all da extwa biccies I getted! Usin all me paws an some of mum’s fingers I makes it awound 41 but some of dem had more dan one costume in, me 80s twibue to Bobby an Toby @peemail had 4 costumes!

Kevin as Adam ant, boy George & the Abba girls

Kevin as Adam ant, boy George & the Abba girls


Question 2: We know You dus the #kevsdressup to raise money for the stroke association in your grandads memory  how much haf you raised so far?


Kevin replied: I has waised £2,226.66 so far but dat dusn’t count da gift aid. If hoomins is wurkin an payin tax, dey can tick da gift aid box an da chawity gets more wivvout dem payin a extwa penny! Me gift aid total is £422.50 so added to me actual fundwaisin total ……. (scwatches head wiv paw) dat is too big a sum for me to do even if I counts on all da paws an fingers an toes in me family so it must be loads of munny



Question 3: Do people get to choose wot you dress up as?


Kevin Replied: We likes dem to choose cos even tho mum is gud at doin wot she’s told, she’s lackin in imaginashun. If dey says just do anyfin u wants, it takes her monfs to come up wiv somefin, too much choice. We likes it best when dey tells us da sort of fings dey likes, or gives us a cuple of ideas, den we can choose da one dat wurks best an dusn’t cost us too much to make (cos we cuvfurs all da expenses of da costumes).


Question 4:  Wots da hardest dress up you haf ever done?


Kevin replied: There has bin a few for differwent weasons. Da hardest one we twied wos Marylin Munroe but it wos a dwess up too far an it looked nuffin like her an we ended up wastin a load of time an effort an munny an frowed da pics away. Luckily we has bin able to use da costume for ovfur dwess ups since tho. Den Dog Vader wos difficult cos dat fing he wears on his head is impossible to make an da plastic ones dusn’t fit whippets. We ended up stoppin da photoshoot part way froo to make altewashuns to me face mask. Da end wesult isn’t exactly like wot he had but it wos da best we cud do wiv me pointy nose an wivvout bein cwuel BOL. An den there’s da ones I wosn’t too keen on doin, like me Van Helsing an da snowman. Da costumes wos awkward an hot an a bit uncomfy but luckily da furst pics dad taked wos gud so it wosn’t a pwoblem.


Question 5: Haf you evfur had to say NO to a dressup request *bella chips in * I’d rather see you nakid personally you is vewy muscly. Bella don’t you start dat flirting again, I has told you we has to be professional when we at work!




Kevin replied: Oh, dat weminds me, I did a naked one, dat makes 42!


I sometimes has to say no to ones wot Carolyn fwom @WalkandWatch asks for cos she’s mental (she means well tho an we luvs her). At Chwistmas she wanted me to be a cake or a chwistmas twee, we did da panto for her insted, wot wos vewy successful. Den da luvly Steph @knittynorasteph asked me to be a elf dwessed as a puddin, I fink u will agwee dat wos a bit much! I did da Chwistmas fairwy for her insted an she wos happy wiv it so it worked out okay.


In da past we has sed no to some wequests cos dey seemed impossible but evenshally we ushally comes up wiv a way to do dem. By da time me fwends sees dis dey will have seen da one we sed no too for monfs an monfs but den finally gived in and I became kev da hedgehog. I looked vewy silly but it wos in a gud cause an maked @neale_yoshi mum happy.


If we gets a wequest we can’t do den we explains why it won’t wurk an den we can usually suggest somefin similar dat wud wurk. It’s vewy hard to do ovfur anipals cos I is a anipal so we pwefers to do hoomins but some anipals wurks, like when I dwessed as Hawwy @SpanielHarry. Sometimes it’s hard to do hoomins cos dey is borin, I has bin asked to do Simon Cowell but he’s just a bloke, dey has to be distinctive in some way.image


Question 6: Haf you got a dress up that you wish someone would ask you to do?


Nope, as I sed, mum has no imagunashun, we needs suggestions to get inspired.


Question 7: Dus you prefer bein a blonde or brunette?


Kevin replied: I pwefers bein a blonde, I fink it fits me compleshun better. Sometimes da bwunette wurks gud as well, like wiv da gurl fwom Abba or da Zayn Malik secwetawy dwess up, but I has a white face (I is gettin on now) an I fink blonde fwames it better, not such a contwast.image image image image image image image


Question 8 : Wayne helped you wif da panto are you planning Anuvfur dressup wif him?


Kevin replied: Nevfur in a million years! Wot a nitemare. He wos humpin me an spoilin me dwess, he wos leapin awound like a mad fing an wudn’t sit still. In da end we had to take his pics furst an I just sitted there by me dad lookin at him bein stoopid an shakin me head. We wanted more of us togevfur but it wos hard enuff gettin him to sit still long enuff for dad to pwess da camerwa button. We wants to fank Bella vewy much for usin her photo editin skills an stickin his pic behind me, we gived up on gettin dat one. (Oh no u didn’t, oh yap we did).


Question 9 from Squiggs : Has you always liked dressing up? cos I don’t like it so mum would never ask me to as it gets me stressed.north pic 8


I hadn’t twied it till I went on twitter. I weared me coat in da cold weather but it wosn’t until mum twied to get a pic of me in her feavfur boa dat she wealised I wud sit an pose as long as she had a biccie in her hand. An now, da minute me dwessin up box comes, out I is there waitin to put stuff on. Posin comes natuwally to me but wivvout Bella tellin me I had to dwess up for da twitter pawty I mite nevfur have finded out!

Dis was borrowed from bellas pinup wall tis kevin borrowin his mums boa


Question 10: Dus you get extra tweats for dressing up or dus you just do it cos you loves it and it for charity?


I has got to be honest an admit dat I dus it for da extwa treats an cuddles. Mum asked me to sit beside her an have me pic taken at Chwistmas but as soon as da camerwa comed out I jumped down an stood by da biccie cupboard door. I wudn’t pose till I cud see da biccies an dat wos wivvout even bein asked to wear a costume. I misses me gwandad an I is vewy happy dat I can do somefin in his honour to help ovfur hoomins wot has stwokes but I is just a dog, a dog wot wud do almost anyfin for a biccie BOL.



Squiggs: ah dat was very intewesting wasn’t it Bells? BELLA stop day dweaming

Bella: but I was finking

Squiggs: what about?

Bella: I was finking dat Kevin say he got no imagaination and we can help him wiv day cos I can fink of loads of dwess ups he could do

Squiggs: I don’t fink he will be able to be a bacon rashers BOL

Bella: don’t be silly Squiggs but he could be *Bells dwifts off into her pink mind*

DSCN9272 DSCN9278 image


Pink Panther

Piglet from winnie da pooh

Mr Blobby

A flamingo

George from Rainbow

Little miss chatterbox

Miss Piggy

A pig

A pwawn

A pink wafer bisquit

A pink dolphin

Mr messy

Peppa pig


Squiggs: BELLA wake up I fink u drifted off der! Anyway whilst Bella finks about pink possibilities for Kevin I fink dat I must just say you can donate to Kevins fundraising without him dressing up for you if you cant think of something for him to dress up as.

DIS DA LINK or Just contact @kevinthewhippet for more details cos hes vewy friendly

Kevins got a facebook page too


@Squiggledog and @Bellisimobella1 answer the questions you asked

Published February 11, 2015 by Bellisimobella1

Hello tis Bella here we GOTS a few qweshuns sent in and we haf had to censor sum of em and divide sum of em cos lots seemed to be about Squiggle, not that I’m suggesting she sent em in herself but they dus look a bit suspicious, here dey is –


do you fink squiggle is scwuffy? do u fink squiggle is clefur? do u fink squiggle is cute?  do u fink squiggle is cheeky? do u fink squiggle in norty?


So I not answer dem cos to be honest I fink we all knows da answers anyways!


Sumone asked if me & squiggle haf evfur met in real life? da answer to dat is no we has not, we is lots n lots of miles apart and I hate hate hate car fings I gets in such a state and we is bof quite temperamental ladies do we is better stickin to bein bloggin buddies instead of meetin up fur real.



We was then asked who is the oldest ?


Well dat would be me I gonna be 12 dis year and Squiggle was a rescue so her mum not too sure about her age but finks she’s gonna be 9 dis year.


We was asked wots our favourite meal?

Mine depends on me mood, contrary to popular belief I dus not live on bacon, which I prefer cooked even though I’m on raw food diet . Sumtimes me favourite is beef I guess tis what evfur mum n dad are hafin fur dinner den all of a sudden dats my favourite and I jus gotta haf sum of it.


Squiggle wots your favourite food? I know you likes your frankfurters and corny beef and chicky and cafedral City cheese anyfink else?

Squiggle: Er no I fink dat all me favourite oh except I dus love a digestive bisquit but I not allowed sweet fings so I only gets a ickle bit once a year.


Then we got onto a subject squiggs got no interest in…………. boys! I was asked wot dus I look for in uvfur doggies well as you know me kane has got da cutest ears on Twitter so I guess I go fur ears but me uvfur weakness is tails I haf a fing bout tails wether they boys tails or girls tails da fluffy tails just gets me goin after em Evfurrytime I can’t help it , I fink cos mine just a whippy sort of tail I just get excited wen I see a fluffy tail . Squiggs has a very fluffy tail!


Oh a qweshun we got asked was why we not blog so much now , well we both gettin bit older so we sleepin bit more while da wevfur is yukky and there’s not much sun to give us a bit more solar power and we is both doing uvfur bits too so there’s not much time fur blog but we do it when we can cos we likes stayin in touch wif you all and tellin you wot we been up to and wot new fings squiggs has got in da shop or what she’s got on offer *squiggle nudges bella* pssst bells RT RT RT RT , oh yes and squiggles says please can you RT for her shop wen you sees da @kind4k9 tweets as it helps da shop fankyou.


Right squiggle where’s da qweshuns you was answering has you dun em yet or is you still ouchy ?


Squiggle: Yeah I been finkin of da answers whilst I was lying on me sick bed making mum massage me!


I gots some questions from Emmamammy @angelshair01, here me answers



Hi just wanted to know what its like to be a dog,  Kane has told me but hes a boy, nice to see what a girl dogs perspective is. Do boy dogs do your head in sumtimes?


No I likes boy dogs as much as girl dogs I fink, dus dey ever annoy you Bells? Now dey might as she got a bwuver? Boys dogs are more tempermental than girls  , was chaos when I had me itchy & grumpy bruvs too they so moody and evfurryfink had to be about them , baby is a bit more laid back but if he gets da wind up his tail hes a proper pickle he pinches me toys so I chase him and if I don’t chase him he starts tearing my toys, so yes Emmammy boy dogs do me ead in sumtimes










What’s it like greeting other dogs by bum sniffing?

Oh we finds out loads about each uver wiv a bum sniff, tis very useful! Bella; I don’t do bum sniffin I check da tails out before anyfink



What does dog food taste like?

Bella cant answer dis cos she never eats da stuff, do you bells? eww yuk no I don’t like it anymore

I only likes very expensive top quality food, I wont eat most dry food as it tastes like, well put it dis way I have chewed on tastier cardboard!



What embarrassing things do your humans do?

Mine is not too embarrassing as I have spent a lot of time training her, but sometimes when she puts me back in da car, she takes me lead off and gives me a kiss, I say not when da uver dogs at da fowest might be watching!

omb if I starts tellin you wot mummymandie dus to embaress me she nevfur talk to me again so I jus say sumtimes she makes me wear a blue banana instead of me pink, mauve orange or yellow



Why do you lick ppls feet when they have been in the bath?

Nope I never ever lick any part of any people, dus u bells? yep I likes lickin da baf bubbles off they is nice n tasty







Do u understand what ppl say when u do that ear tilt thing?

We understand everything, we only do da head tilt cos we finks it might make you give us extra scratches or treats for being so cute

bella; I used to do it fur dat but now im getting older its to help me hear a bit better too


Do u purposely do puppy eyes?

Yes of course I manipulate humans on a regular basis.



What one thing would you like to do that humans can and you cant?

Thumbs would be handy so I can open more packets and tins and stuff

Fanks for them questions Emma & Kane  twitter name: angelshair01

I also got a question from ssomeone called Stephanie (twitter name: @foreverhomeint)-  What’s your favourite place for a walk and why?


My favourite place is called The New Forest, I don’t mind which bit I like it all, there loads to sniff and loads of space to run about and I loves it! Bella whats yours?  my favouritist walk is in da field behind us there is so many smells and it doesn’t involve a car we can jus walk there and tis so peaceful and lots of luvly smells

Bella we also got anufur queshun which I answered on squiggles behalf we was asked of we wanted a bacon stick , I said yes please fur me but no fur squiggle cos she prefers the bacon ones *runs away from Squiggle*



Question time with @bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog

Published January 14, 2015 by Bellisimobella1


Hello evfurryone tis Bella here , Squiggle is sortin a delivery dis morning of vewy yummy tweats fur her shop. I had sum at cwismas and they is vewy vewy yummy so keep your eyes peeled fur when she adds em to da shop the ones I had were sliced duck sossiges , even mummymandie was tempted by da smell of em but she stopped herself  from tasting them.

As you know we haf been so whizzy busy we not been doin much blogging so we fort we try summfink different we gonna intervoo sum of you so if you gots summfink you wants to talk about or just wanna haf a chat wif us fill in your details here.

in the next few weeks the uvfur fing we gonna do is answer queshuns so if you wanna know why Squiggle called squiggle or how many bananas I haf got then save up your queshuns fur when we gonna haf a form for you to send in and then we do a speshul Q&A blog next munf.

Haf a luvly day and we catch up wif you all soon.

lots of luv & bacon kisses from Bella xxxxx

@Bellisimobella1 and @Squiggledog catch up and have an offer for you

Published December 3, 2014 by Bellisimobella1

Squigggssssssss helloooooooooooo *taps ipawd*image oh where is she imageEllo evfurryone tis Bella here me n squiggs been so whizzy busy this summer we not had time to do much bloggin but now da wevfur turned yukky we both indoors a bit more and is gonna start bringing our blog back to life.

Squiggs has been vewy busy da last few weeks soupervisin her humuns to move da kind4k9 online shop and Sumone pushed da wrong button or sumfink so it taken bit longer than they fort so if you haf been looking for them they now at WWW.KIND4K9.COM same gweat service n products jus .com instead of if you gets stuck or has any queshuns jus do wot I dus n yell fur SQUIGGGGGGGGGGGGGLEEEE. cos she been gone so long she gots a bit low on her pawformance related pay so she needs us to help her wif a few RT if you see her promotin da shop pleaseimage

*ipawd lights up*image

Herrow Bells sowwy I late for our meeting I was busy seeing what der was for me to steal in da stock woom.

Bella: Is der anyfink pink in der

Squiggle: yeah I fink der pink fings but i don’t have pink fings cos dey clashes wiv me ginger bits

Bella: yeah but you and I got our uniform collars dey gots pink on, which is lucky weally cos overwise I would not wear it!

Squiggle: yep we has and dey in da stock woom cos anyone can buy dem they is such good quality mine looks like new and I been wearing it everyday at work for munfs!

squiggle and lupine DSCN5978

Bella: yeah so dus mine. I dus change mine sometime cos I likes to dwess up depending on my mood, I bit more girl den u squiggs, you more da pwactical sort

Squiggle: yeah I is, last week I was very practical and worked out how to get over da fence again!

Bella: yeah you norty like dat and I fought u be too ouchy for exploring like you used to.

Squiggle: I don’t climb fings as much as u used to Bells, but me pills helps give me just enough bounce to still get da look fwom mum when she can see I abut to scale something! BOL

Bella: tis important to keep em busy though

Squiggle: yeah I got to concentrate on the shop nows though, I running out of treats cos I not been selling much lately  cos it been closed and I been asleep

Bella: dus u have any new fings and special offers

Squiggle: yes bof of those, I got some new plush toys, tweats, oh we got some YUUUMMMY treats. I have had to sign our Kevin up again to do some tasting cos you know he da expert on treats! He says dey yummy too!

Bella: what dey called so I can go choose myself some later when I got mum bank card she hidin it after me bacon stick order, dus you want me to do a revoooo on bacon sticks?

Squiggle: errr no fanks I fink evfurryone knows you luvs em and fink they da best fing since sliced bacon

Bella: pfffft ok , cant blame me fur tryin

Squiggle: consentwate we talkin bout new treats dat kevin tested they is Alfie and Mollys they scrumptious and very healthy

Bella: oh I go looks later

Squiggle: yeah and we got loads of fings reduced cos we having a clear out. *bellas ears prick up * BARGAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Bella: so what we need to do is ask all our pals back Rting you and so peeps knows about these things. You need to get tweeting squiggs so we can RT you.

Squiggle: I wills yes I would love it if all ur pals would help us gets some orders.

Bella: I got to go now squiggs mum cooking me a sossigie

Squiggle : is she practising ready for your birthday cos dat on Saturday, oh I know I will do an offer for your birthday

squiggle runs off to sort discount code BELLA for 10% off between Wednesday 3rd December until Monday 8th Decemberimage

Bella sits down and has a cuppa while waiting for her sossiges and does a step by step poster for the offerimage


we be back later today with  @kevinthewhippet revoo once bells has cleaned the drool off the keyboard after reading it

#RIPMOLLIE no doggybloggy dis week due to sudden death of @Westiedoggy page to remember her at

Published August 7, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Theres no blog this week due to the sudden death of our lovely twitter pal Mollie yesterday .


Our thoughts go out to Mollies mum and we want

her to know how much Mollie will be missed and we will all be here for her when she feels ready to tweet again , we not only loved Mollie, we all love her mum too so whilst Mollie has been taken to take care of her dad we will be here for her mum.

RIP Mollie



22nd November 2010 – 6th August 2013

we are going to dedicate a page on here to our friend Mollie so if you would like to send a comment to be added please fill in this box, it will be a tribute to her as she touched so many of our lives and will be here for her mum to see when she wants to

Mollies Memorial page now live


Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent; her eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together…

we wanna see your pics and dont fawget at new forest show

Published July 31, 2013 by Bellisimobella1



We haf got gweat news dis week , squiggle kind4k9 team are at the new forest show wif loads of bargains so pop along and see them .

 The good news is they has changed fings on their facebook page and you can now add yor pics there of you with anything you have bought from

I fink they did it cos squiggle kept putting my pics on there and her mum said she should let her uvfur fwends be on there too so she fiddled wif da buttons.

Me n squiggle bit fed up cos she not getting much puter time while they doin da newforest show so we pinched a pack of bacon sticks and we wants you to add your summer pic on their facebook page , we wud prefer it if you haf got a kind4k9 product wif you but don’t worry if you haven’t and dis be til 10th august and whoever gets the most likes squiggle will send the pack of bacon sticks to.

I has just been told I am not allowed to enter so get over to and add your picture, if you aren’t on facebook tweet your pic to @bellisimobella1 and I will add it for you .

dis last weeks bit about kind4k9 being at show if you didn’t see it kind4k9logo

Tis dat time again when I not tweet much wif my bestie Squiggle, cos da kind4k9 team are getting ready for a show but dis time its da big big show, tis a 3 day show they gonna be so busy and they are doin so many speshul offers dats just at da show not online and not even for me , you gotta go to da show heres the info on it

@Kind4k9 will be at the #newforestshow Tue 30th ,Wed 31st July and 1st August, Brockenhurst


heres a few of da fings you cud buy


giant squeaky, rustling, bottyburpin octy


a new grinning tweat ball

DSCN0155 DSCN2714 DSCN2187

we love our boomer ball





a squiggle toy, not my fluffy fwend squiggle, there’s a squeaky toy called squiggle

a few of da fings you could get fwom kind4k9 at da show

image PetTop_Dog_Drinking

oh im getting confoosed now

oh im getting confoosed now


BELLA 004 - Copy



squid PicCollage1boo photo squig 004 952 squig 004 DSCN1363 squig 004 bella 071 Lexi wiv rumble ring Inga wiv Tuffy stone bone Squiggle wiv Ultimate tug of war at new forest show and a few of the things you could buy

Published July 24, 2013 by Bellisimobella1


Tis dat time again when I not tweet much wif my bestie Squiggle, cos da kind4k9 team are getting ready for a show but dis time its da big big show, tis a 3 day show they gonna be so busy and they are doin so many speshul offers dats just at da show not online and not even for me , you gotta go to da show heres the info on it

@Kind4k9 will be at the #newforestshow Tue 30th ,Wed 31st July and 1st August, Brockenhurst


heres a few of da fings you cud buy


giant squeaky, rustling, bottyburpin octy


a new grinning tweat ball

DSCN0155 DSCN2714 DSCN2187

we love our boomer ball





a squiggle toy, not my fluffy fwend squiggle, there’s a squeaky toy called squiggle

a few of da fings you could get fwom kind4k9 at da show

image PetTop_Dog_Drinking

oh im getting confoosed now

oh im getting confoosed now


BELLA 004 - Copy



squid PicCollage1boo photo squig 004 952 squig 004 DSCN1363 squig 004 bella 071 Lexi wiv rumble ring Inga wiv Tuffy stone bone Squiggle wiv Ultimate tug of war

@bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog discuss cool coats and keeping cool

Published July 10, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Hello squiggle

I owe you a massif apology for when you told me about the coats you sell at to keep us cool.

As the weather has got really hot at last. I started to fink about the poor doggies that aren’t as lucky as us and got trees they can go and lay under to keep cool and even doggies that go on days out or camping etc

So please tell me about the coats you sell so we can put it on the blog and tell our anipals that read it or have it read to them about them

Silly grandma when she last visited put a metal water bowl outside for us when she was visiting and that would of got warm when the  sun came out so got me thinking can your kind4k9 team give us top tips for keeping cool for us in the summer.

We eats lots of carrots from da fridge cos they are nice n cool and better for us than ice-cream although I has heard there’s dog ice-cream now, mum says she’s not found anywhere that sells it yet so not had chance to try it , have you tried it .

Hope you get some puter time soon .


Dear Bellisimo

Thank you for your letter, I too hope to get some puter time soon but we been busy with shows as we got New Forest Show coming up at the end of the month.  

The cool coats are great as they keep us cool! All they need is a bit of water to make em cold and then we can wear em and they stay cool for up to 4 hours and then the human just need to dunk em in water wring em out and put em back on us!

They comes in different sizes and colours and they is great for the dogs that go out for days as they can wander about and keep cool when when it hot. I hear our pal Kane is finding the heat difficult, (phew my kane is a hot hottie wifout da sun) I fink dat cos he a northerner and dey get it even less often dan us down south!

You will find the cool coats in this section of our shop

843061940672 449963547740 182411041762Yorky in purple coat

this is the link to look at sizing your dog for a coolcoat


We also sells other great products like the Pet Top which is a clever ickle device you can put on a water bottle and den we can drink out of it! Great for days out!

Here the link


We also sells the Road refresher water bowl, which is great for days out in the car as even when your homan drives badly it don’t spill! 

road refersher

And then there is the k9H2O Bottle which is also great! It comes in two sizes, have a browse on da shop for other colours too

h20 black–25oz-Water-Bottle-Stainless-Steel.html?sessid=OxZg9GWsXZB9GZyiB7qOnv5wPLfACCPYzV0k52pv8JaDFWDOT0Vg36NdD9ZBt7IM&shop_param=cid%3D32%26aid%3D613%26

To help keep all me pals cool I has hacked into puter again and if ya type in HOT at checkout you will get 10% of any of these products! Valid until 20th of this month!


Da kind4k9 peeps is busy and wont help me write Top Tips for keeping cool, so shall we do it between us bells?


Sit under a tree, don’t sit in da sun!

Drink plenty of cold water, ensure you hoomans change it lots to keep it extra fresh and cold

Wear ya cool coat

Get the hoomans out of bed very very early and walk em before it gets hot, den keep em up late to take em again!

Don’t let the hoomans cuddle ya however needy they are, it makes ya hotter

Give in and let em clip you if you gots thick fur

Don’t go in da car unless you really really has too and get em to cool da car down first before they puts you in it .

IMG_4197IMG_4119 IMG_5478





menshuns n #brughugs dis week to @erictheborder @nightowl400 @JulieWooooollie and @karenwallbridge

Published July 10, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug


@erictheborder Gran and Grandad cause it be their 60th Diamond wedding anniversary on 11th July

They are getting a card from the Queen cause not many people last 60 years.

Happy anniversary we hope you haf a lovely lovely day and congratualtions

Wishing very Happy Birfday dis week to

15th July……….IT’S …. @Nightowl400 …’s LUGERS birthdayBOMeSbCCAAA0qVA BN4TOtTCEAAY9Ct BOBehHcCcAATE6e BOHh2__CUAAjSc8 BOHinuyCEAAoQNcluger is such a gawgus boy as he’s da only birfday dis week me n squiggle thought we wud drool over a few of his pics, look at his norty sisfur ebony sitting on him

right now dis not a birfday but these two ladies are doin sumfink a bit speshul next Monday


and as bit supporters of ALFIESLAW squiggle and I fort we would give them a menshun
so good luck to @JulieWooooollie and @karenwallbridge

20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx

Sunday 7th July @kind4k9 are doing a show #altonshow

Published July 3, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

20130403-060941.jpgDis weekend da team are doin anuvfur show Sunday 7th Alton & North East Hants Agricultural show, Froyle Park Alton Hants. so if you are going to da show make sure you go and say hello to them .They are busy sorting stock dis week and getting everyfink ready and a few show speshuls too and they might even have some of my bacon sticks on sale.

20130403-061047.jpg 20130403-061028.jpg 20130403-060941.jpg image


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