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Published December 24, 2014 by Bellisimobella1

Bella and Squiggles Chwistmas message

*taps microphone wiv paw*

Squiggle: “testing 123 testing”

Bella: “will you stop messing about  squiggs we got to get our chwistmas message recorded, it be easter by da time we get it done at dis rate”

Squiggle: “what da wush bells?”

Bella: “gwandma eating at home I needs to get back and see if she left me any”

Squiggle : “oh that reminds me, I did a study on what you fink bout and did last week, you wanna see da result”

Bella: “we got to do our chwistmas speech, but go on just be quick”

*squiggle gets her folder out on da desk and pulls out a pie chart*


Squiggle: “here is a pie chart Bells”

Bella: “a pie oh lovely, is it bacon pie?”

Squiggle : no a pie chart is a picture to resprents your activity

Bella: “since when you become know all

Squiggle: you knows me Bells, I has to keen me bwain occupied or I gets into mischief!

Bella: oh yeah dat twue. So what da other fings I doing on da pie chart? Da light blue bit?

Squiggle: erm it was fings like going for a pee, ya daddy dance, eating ya chicky and stuff but dey was such small percentages of your activity I just grouped em together on da chart.

Bella: I fink I need to do more dweaming bout pink fings and Bacons, I gonna have to work on dat in 2015

Squiggle: yeah I fought dat too Bells

Bella: so come on get on wiv da speech, has u finished writing it yets, or was you too busy playing wiv ya pie charts!”

Squiggle: dus you want to see mine?

Bella: I knows what will be on yours…………………being a pickle 100%!

Squiggle: has you been looking in my puter files Bells! Pfft! Bahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

*squiggle sets up microphone and clears her froat*

“2014 has been another busy and eventful year in our lives and those of our country”

Bella: “what have you written!”

Squiggle: “what wrong wiv dat, it twue”

Bella: ok just get on with it

Squiggle: I will have to start again now you has interrupted me

“2014 has been another busy and eventful year in our lives and those of our country. Bella and I have watched with concern and send positive thoughts for all those that have lost a loved one if it was a two legged or four legged one we hope your Christmas can be a time for happy thoughts and memories.

I would like to thank all those that have shopped with Kind4k9 this year and we hope to see you in the new year when we will have some amazing offers.


we would like to fank our speshul friend @EricMcBrug for keepin a record of pals birfdays so we can wish em all a vewy happy birfday on our birfday blog evfurry munf we wuvs you vewy much and hopes you haf a luvly cwismas Eric


We would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and I would like to fank you all for reading our blog in 2014 , and we would look forward to entertaining  you in 2015, and we wish all our friends a very Happy and safe Christmas and a healthy and happy 2015”

Bella: dat was nice dat Squiggs, lets go have a bacon sandwich and den get cyber twain home so we can be with our families this christmas”

Squggle: yeah I hopes this chwistmas is filled wiv sofa snuggles and bacon for you bells”

Bells: “ I got to twy get da bacon before gwandma does”

Squiggle: “yeah ur gwanmas a pickle”

Bellla: she sure is Squiggs, love you and I see you soon

Squiggle: yeah love you to Bells

* da gurls make der way home to der families for some chwistmas cuddles*



@bellisimobella1 leaves @squiggledog on her own

Published December 10, 2014 by Bellisimobella1

north pic 9


Herrow everyone its Squiggle here!


I had a message from Bella and she sed

“Squiggs you gonna have to do da blog on ya own dis week, I busy”

I sed “what you mean you busy, what more important den me?”

She sed “ I been busy getting ready for chwistmas, Gwanma coming to stay so I tuning up me squeakies”

So I sed “ ah I see da pwoblem, you get de squeakies lined up & tuned up and ready to make chwistmas da enjoyable time it should be Bells”


So dats is it, just me on me own. Just ickle me! *drums paws on desk*


*mutters* tis quiet her wivout bells, der no squeaking, der no intertuptions, der no going fwo my pockets to see if I got bacon sticks, der no cries of “OMB it pink”


Sooooooooooo what shall I do on da blog dis week.

*sits tapping paw on da keyboard twing to fink bout what is happening soon dat we can talk about*

“ I know what I can tell you bout my, how to get more presents this CHWISTMAS campaign”

We needs to get all our humans to recognise that fact that we is more impawtnat den anyone else in da family so we need extra presents.  After all der is endless tasks we helps wiv everyday!

I been leaving mum memos on her desk to help remind her of my importance,  here  is just some of dem from this week:

  • Don’t forget I run da household security
  • Don’t forget I waters the lawn in da summer
  • Don’t forget I gave da evil vacuum cleaner a job so it not feel worthless
  • Don’t forget how I eats up da leftovers on a sunday
  • Don’t forget how I look interested in what you saying so u feel valued when actually I just waiting to see if you mention walkies or dinner
  • Did you know stroking me is good for your blood pwessure so I helps wiv keeping you healthy
  • I takes you out for a walk, everyday, whatever the weather, so you stays fitter
  • Don’t forget I let you cuddle me when you sad
  • Don’t forget I has more followers den you on twitter
  • Don’t forget I got more fweinds den you on facebook
  • Don’t forget I is cuter den you! BOL

Oh an dis mornings memo sed

“don’t forget how I lay on your chest in da night cos you was looking cold”

I wont tell you da reply I go to dat, cos it would just not intewest you it was such  rubbish!


These is just some of the fings I has mentioned dis week so she remeber to get me more presents………………  we needs PRESENTS Oh and don’t forget I got a shop if your humans still not got yours yets!


I has put loads of fings on special offer now!


Hopefully Bells will be back next week cos she only got 300 squeakies to get ready for gwanma

Bye for now


 *message arrives from bella*



@kevinthewhippet tells us what he thinks of the new treats @kind4k9

Published December 3, 2014 by Bellisimobella1


Kind4k9 Now stocks Alfie & Mollys Dog treats cos @Kevinthewhippet says they good enough for him so we say they good enuf for the rest or you!

Hi everyone it Squiggs here! As you can see we are stocking some Yummy new treats so I asked our official dog Treat Tester, Kevin to tell us a ickle but about dem! so now I handing over to our Kev for his thoughts on the subject and have a lickle break.



imageKevin : As u knows, I has always bin parshul to da odd biccie (or two, or more given half a chance) an I used to look forward to me after dinner Tweats evefury nite – u has pwobably  heared me ravin on bout dem fwom time to time as I buyed em from Squiggs . Well, a lickle while back da unimaginable happened, me pal Squiggs sed “sowwy Kevs, we can’t get fav treats no more in da shop!” Well, it wos like a big black cloud had fallen ovfur me life an da sun wos nevfur gonna come out no more, woe wos me. Squiggs sed, “don’t worry Kev, I know how much u needs ur after dinner biccies so I is gonna do some wesearch an find somefin else”. I sed fank u vewy much Squiggs but in me heart I wosn’t holdin out much hope. After all, I has tasted a lot of biccies in da past 10 years an these wos me absolute favouwite, nuffin cud touch dem. But, soon Squiggs had sended me some pics of biccies wot looked interwestin an vewy tasty, da only fing wot worried me wos dat dey looked quite lickle. As u knows, I has quite a big mouf so lickle is just a quick taste on me tung not a after dinner treat. But Squiggs offered to send out some samples an I wosn’t gonna say no to fwee biccies no matter wot size dey wos so I sed yap an waited for dem to awwive.Doggy taste testing_0001

Da envelope da postie bwinged a few days later looked quite pwomisin. He had to knock on da door cos dat parcel wos too big for da letter box, dat’s always a gud sign. Mum opened it an out falled some delish looking Alfie & Molly’s handmade dog treats (‘to bark about’ it sed on da packet, so I is). An da bestest fing of all, some of dem wos massive! So, I did me testin, quick as a flash, an I has to admit, dey is da vewy best fings I has evfur tasted. Wayne agweed wiv me and it wosn’t long before we wos hasslin dad to get his wallet out. Wot started out as a vewy sad fing suddenly turned into somefin amazin – u nevfur knows wot’s gonna happen an bad fings can wurk out gud in da end. So, cos I knows u be ritin ur Chwistmas lists rite now, I has to tell u a lickle bit more bout da biccies cos dey is a must have for da doggie wiv da discernin palate.image


Fanks to me dad’s magic card, I has now tasted most of da flavours an me vewy favouwite ones is da Alfie & Molly’s Double Cheese Oaties. Dey is maked fwom gluten fwee oats, fwesh parmagianno regano (dunno wot dat is but its delish) an low fat cheddar, I is dwoolin at dat fort. These is bone shaped an dey is massive an absolutely yummy. Den there is Alfie & Molly’s Funky Fish wot is acshully da same shape as a fishy, cool, an dey is big as well. Dey has white fish fillet petit pois (fink dat means lickle peas) sweet potato an more of da oats. U knows u has had a biccie when you has had one of these ones, altho I finded dat I cud acshully fit in a second one if I twied hard (to make mum pass it ovfur). Da Alfie & Molly’s Luscious Liver Bites is exactly wot it says on da pack, luscious, maked fwom fwesh chicken liver an oats. Dey is smaller dan da bones an fishies but still a gweat size for me mouf.image

Anovfur of me favourwite flavours is da Alfie & Molly’s Lamb Buttons, dwool. These is maked wiv fwesh lamb heart (don’t tell ur mum, she mite frow up, mine is lookin a bit gween as she’s typin dis BOL), gween beans, spinach an sweet potato. Absolutely packed wiv flavour. In da wange there is also some smaller ones wot pwobly wud be better for dogs wiv lickler moufs dan mine. I luvs dem but I nearly takes mum’s hand off cos dey is lickle so it’s a bit dangerus feedin me wiv dem. One of da smaller types is Alfie & Molly’s Turkey Triangles maked wiv fwesh Bwitish turkey, cawwots ( I luv cawwots), parsnips an thyme. Dey is absolutely delish an a interwestin shape too. These ones looked so delish dat mum had a cwafty lick when she finked I wosn’t lookin, but I wos so I jumped up an getted it before she decided to eat it herself, pfft. Da Alfie & Molly’s Gourmet Peanut Butter an Banana Hearts is anovfur of da smaller biccies an has delish ingwedients like organic peanut butter, banana, organic honey an coconut oil – if dat dusn’t get u dwoolin nuffin will BOL. An accordin to Squiggs, there is a speshul Chwistmas flavour wot I hasn’t sampled yet – dad, get ur wallet out again, these is goin on me Chwistmas list! Dey is called turkey, chestnut an thyme Chwistmas Trees, an I is so hopin dey is in da shape of a twee, a big twee BOL.image

So, I is now gonna hand ovfur to mum cos she can communicate wiv da hoomins better dan I can an she finks da mums an dads mite want to know stuff wot isn’t weally intewestin to us doggies. Just amuse urselfs for a minute, it’s wurf bein bored if it persuades dem to buy u some.

Kev’s mum: The dogs thoroughly enjoyed these biscuits and kept asking for more. I was happy to feed them to my dogs because they’re not stuffed full of rubbish such as masses of sugar like some brands are. They have no added preservatives, sugar or salt and some flavours are grain free or wheat and gluten free so you should be able to find a flavour to suit your dog even if he/she has a sensitive stomach like Kevin. They come packed in two separate packs per box so your dog can finish one while the other stays fresh and sealed.

Kev: So there u has it, Alfie & Molly’s biccies are definitely me new favouwites an dey comes highly wecommended. U gotta twy dem so stick dem on ur Chwistmas list BOL. Luv Kevs xxx

PS I hasn’t bin paid for doin dis weview, just getted a cuple of fwee samples to see if I liked dem, I weally dus eat dem out of choice so u can twust me wecommendashun xxx

old files 3704

Squiggle: Thank you Kev for that amazing review I would just like to say dat in my panic dat Kev was gonna starve I did not sleep for a days until I had sourced a suitable replacement for his after dinner tweat!. I would wake mum in da night and say “Kevs gonna starve” and she would tell me to ssshh. Den I would say “have you seen how thin he is? ”  and mum would say “he is a whippet Squiggs they meant to be lean” and I sed “yeah but we run a shop dat kind to dogs so we gotta find kev new treats NOW” finally she got out of bed and we found da new ones! I slept all day in da office that day, I fink it was relief.

Oh and I have to say I has tried one or two of these to and dey is delish! So order em quick pals cos I am feeling peckish! BOL

You will find em in the treat department of me shop so pop on over and have a look!


@Bellisimobella1 and @Squiggledog catch up and have an offer for you

Published December 3, 2014 by Bellisimobella1

Squigggssssssss helloooooooooooo *taps ipawd*image oh where is she imageEllo evfurryone tis Bella here me n squiggs been so whizzy busy this summer we not had time to do much bloggin but now da wevfur turned yukky we both indoors a bit more and is gonna start bringing our blog back to life.

Squiggs has been vewy busy da last few weeks soupervisin her humuns to move da kind4k9 online shop and Sumone pushed da wrong button or sumfink so it taken bit longer than they fort so if you haf been looking for them they now at WWW.KIND4K9.COM same gweat service n products jus .com instead of if you gets stuck or has any queshuns jus do wot I dus n yell fur SQUIGGGGGGGGGGGGGLEEEE. cos she been gone so long she gots a bit low on her pawformance related pay so she needs us to help her wif a few RT if you see her promotin da shop pleaseimage

*ipawd lights up*image

Herrow Bells sowwy I late for our meeting I was busy seeing what der was for me to steal in da stock woom.

Bella: Is der anyfink pink in der

Squiggle: yeah I fink der pink fings but i don’t have pink fings cos dey clashes wiv me ginger bits

Bella: yeah but you and I got our uniform collars dey gots pink on, which is lucky weally cos overwise I would not wear it!

Squiggle: yep we has and dey in da stock woom cos anyone can buy dem they is such good quality mine looks like new and I been wearing it everyday at work for munfs!

squiggle and lupine DSCN5978

Bella: yeah so dus mine. I dus change mine sometime cos I likes to dwess up depending on my mood, I bit more girl den u squiggs, you more da pwactical sort

Squiggle: yeah I is, last week I was very practical and worked out how to get over da fence again!

Bella: yeah you norty like dat and I fought u be too ouchy for exploring like you used to.

Squiggle: I don’t climb fings as much as u used to Bells, but me pills helps give me just enough bounce to still get da look fwom mum when she can see I abut to scale something! BOL

Bella: tis important to keep em busy though

Squiggle: yeah I got to concentrate on the shop nows though, I running out of treats cos I not been selling much lately  cos it been closed and I been asleep

Bella: dus u have any new fings and special offers

Squiggle: yes bof of those, I got some new plush toys, tweats, oh we got some YUUUMMMY treats. I have had to sign our Kevin up again to do some tasting cos you know he da expert on treats! He says dey yummy too!

Bella: what dey called so I can go choose myself some later when I got mum bank card she hidin it after me bacon stick order, dus you want me to do a revoooo on bacon sticks?

Squiggle: errr no fanks I fink evfurryone knows you luvs em and fink they da best fing since sliced bacon

Bella: pfffft ok , cant blame me fur tryin

Squiggle: consentwate we talkin bout new treats dat kevin tested they is Alfie and Mollys they scrumptious and very healthy

Bella: oh I go looks later

Squiggle: yeah and we got loads of fings reduced cos we having a clear out. *bellas ears prick up * BARGAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Bella: so what we need to do is ask all our pals back Rting you and so peeps knows about these things. You need to get tweeting squiggs so we can RT you.

Squiggle: I wills yes I would love it if all ur pals would help us gets some orders.

Bella: I got to go now squiggs mum cooking me a sossigie

Squiggle : is she practising ready for your birthday cos dat on Saturday, oh I know I will do an offer for your birthday

squiggle runs off to sort discount code BELLA for 10% off between Wednesday 3rd December until Monday 8th Decemberimage

Bella sits down and has a cuppa while waiting for her sossiges and does a step by step poster for the offerimage


we be back later today with  @kevinthewhippet revoo once bells has cleaned the drool off the keyboard after reading it


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