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@bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog go to visit @thehamsterhouse

Published August 28, 2013 by Bellisimobella1


Bella: SQUIGGLE SQUIGGLE, yoo ready yet we gonna miss da cyber twain to go do our intervoo
Squiggle: are you sure yoo got this one right Bells, are u sure we should be doing this, a hamster, are u sure they gonna want us intervooing em?
Bella: yes they cant wait
Squiggle: I has never met a hamster before, what they like
Bella: they small and furry, don’t fink dey has a tail, look Squiggs dey cute come on, get ready!
Squiggle: da mole in me garden is small and furry, I tried to catch him once

Bella: don’t u twy and catch da hamsters

Squiggle: but I did not bwing a lunch box
Bella: oh alright you can share me bacon stick if ya pwomise to be good around da hammys!

Squiggle: ha yoo fell for dat, give me a bacon stick den!
Bella: pfft

Squiggle: wots dat two balls Rollin around * runs off to chase*

Squiggle: whoops
Cocoa & Flash:squuuuueeeekkkkk Belllaaa , Squiggle is scaryyy
Bella: no tis ok she won’t hurt you look she’s just gonna sit over there for now


Squiggle: Bells pssstttttt Bellsss I wants to chase them
Bella: You can’t, you wait over there, haf da rest of my bacon sticks n I will intervoo them

Bella: Right Cocoa and Flash can you help me explain to Squiggle a bit more about hamsters, she is in charge of a shop dat sells dog fings so she not haf any fink to do wif hamsters
Cocoa & Flash; Maybe she could branch out into treats for hamsters… Anyway Hamsters are rodents that belong to the subfamily Cricetinae. In fact there are 25 species of hamsters! We are Syrian hamsters also known as golden hamsters but in fact we come in many diferent colours. Hamsters are short sighted which means we can nip if mum isn’t careful when she puts her fingers near us. We have sharp front teeth which keep growing so we have to have something to gnaw on to stop them getting too long. What else is there? Oh yes We do have tails but they are very tiny. Mum calls them our tushes *blush*

Bella: How old are you two?

Cocoa & Flash: I am about 8 months old and Cocoa is about 3 months now – in human years. In hamster terms that is about 25 for me!

Bella; what do you eat and when you has it in your pouches how long do you save it for ?
Squiggle: yoo has a pouch? Is dat like your pink handbag yoo keeps tweats in Bells?
Bella: yes, now ssssh Squiggle I sed I was doing da intervoo

Cocoa & Flash; Our pouches are big! They reach down to our shoulders. We can gets lots of stuff in them which we move to our food stashes (note plural!) We eat loads of different things apart from regular hamster muesli. We eat chicken, ham, pasta, fish and as you know corn on the cob! We are also fond of the occasional moth – mum catches them for us! We keep the food until mum chucks it out. We hate it when she does that!

Bella: Dus you sleep a lot?

Cocoa & Flash: Well we tend to sleep during the day because we are nocturnal. But if we have been really active then we do take a little nap. We do get up in the day for a snack and drink. We have to be careful when its cold because if we get into to deep a sleep we could go into hibernation which is dangerous for us.
Bella: dus you get on wif your cousin Millie or is she scary?
Cocoa & Flash: She’s great! She never barks at us or anything like that. In fact when we had visitors with a dog she barked when the other dog got too close to us.

Bella: You two make my day on twitter you are such cuties , has you been on twitter long?
Cocoa & flash : Pretty much since day one when we got to mum’s. We are following in the footsteps of our sisters and brothers – Sparkle, Sassy, Snowflake, Samson, Sheba, Flossie and Fudge. But its only recently that we’ve stopped protecting our account and tweeted with loads of other anipals. Of course we can now RT much more too such as Harry’s interviews and stuff for Alfie Beardie amongst others.

Squiggle: are there any uvfur hamsters on twitter? I has finished da bacon stick bells I full up now so I fink your fwends be safe wif me if you wants to go see if you can get a cup of tea fwom hamster mummy
Bella ; errmmm no tis ok I stay here I promised them I give them a lickle ride
Squiggle: oh I can give one a ride on my nose *licks chops*
Cocoa & flash; *Hides behind Bella* Yes we are friends with Mia and Cosmo at the moment as well amongst other hammys. Over the years there have been quite a few of us! Mum had an account of her own first but was always writing about us so she decided to let us have our own account.

Bella: right I finks we shud be going now , fankyou cuties for lettin us visit . I luved your latest video wif da corn on da cob you is so fast wif it.
Squiggle: oh I only just fort of few queshuns can’t we haf 5 more mins
Bella stands between Squiggle and Cocoa and Flash
Squiggle: how did you get your names?
Cocoa & Flash: Cocoa got her name because of her colour. Flash was named by dad – he just thought of it when mum was trying to think of a name.

Squiggle; do you haf baths
Cocoa & Flash: We do have sandbaths. There is a video of Flash in her sandbath. We do get wiped over if mum thinks we pong but generally we make do with grooming.

Squiggle ; do you go in da ball everyday?
Bella: I luved da video of you in da globes they look big fun
Cocoa & Flash; When we’re at home we know when mum is due home and we stand at the bars and demand to be let out! We love crashing into things and driving mum nuts! When we’re at dad’s we don’t get out so much which is boring, boring, boring!!! Mum tapes the lid down to make them escape proof. So far so good on that one…

Bella; right fink is time to go now , come on Squiggle you said you gotta get ready for da @kind4k9 team to do anuvfur show
Squiggle; oh ok bells you is right lots to do
Cocoa & Flash; Its been great to talk to you. Hopefully Squiggle doesn’t see us as lunch anymore!

Bella; byesy bye again Cocoa and Flash was gweat chatting wif you , I wuvs you two so much. You take care of each uvfur n we tweet soon
Cocoa & flash ; Bye bye you two. Sorry we didn’t get any bacon sticks in for you Bella. Loves you too Bella and we love your wonderful pictures too. Take care and tweet to you soon.

Squiggle: bye bye nice to meet you
Bella and Squiggs is on da cyber twain going home. Bella opens her pink handbag to get a tweat.

BELLA 225Bella: Squiggle I has been mugged me bag is empty
Squiggle: what you have in der
Bella: tweats I had lots of tweats
Squiggle: really I no idea where dey gone *squiggs picks some crumbs from her beard*
Bella: I fink dis is your stop Squiggs, see ya soon * I am sure she ate me tweats*

if you want to see the girls in their balls and some other videos you can see them here

this is flash in her sandpit

cocoa in her tube

Birthdays this week and a 50th wedding anniversary and missing cat please RT

Published August 28, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

28th August ……………..@Cassie_Spaniel

30th August……………….@sjonas30


31st August……………….@stewieandmilou… It be their Gran & Grandads 50th Anniversary

they may not feel much like celebrating cos at da time of writing Stewie is still missing , please help circulate his pic and if you are in the Carshalton, surrey area hes missing from keep your eyes peeled, he is so distinctive.IMG_7075

1st September……………@bukesbestfriend… It be Miss Kabukis birthday

                                      @AbbyDawgBlog…. It be Shadow cats Gotcha Day


3rd September…………..@EmmaThePug


20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx

Happy woofwoofwednesday and competition winner announced

Published August 21, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Hello and happy woofwoofwednesday fwom Bella and Squiggle.

IMG_5517 IMG_5478

We hafin a bit of bweak dis week cos Bella’s granma has worn her out wif hafin to keep an eye on her , she’s a bit of a pickle and hides Bella’s squeaky toys so Bella is making up for lost squeaky times and we all know how much Bella loves a good squeak.
Squiggle is helping the team wif the new stock they have in and testing new products to see if they are worthy of being stocked in the shop.

squiggle and Cycle Dog ball

The girls are also trying to sort up the interviews they want to get done in the next few weeks so if you want to be added to the list please email Bella at and they will consider you, bribes in da form of bacon sticks, chicken and any fink pink may also be considered.


Right da good news now we haf a winner the winner of the @kind4k9 comp is the gawgus Ebony who lives wif @nightowl400 so please Owly can you DM squiggle your address so she can send ebony her bacon sticks.


The next show for is 7th September so put it in your diary, they’ve only got 2 more shows left this year.


Saturday 7th September , Alresford Agricultural show, Alresford, Winchester


Saturday 14th September, Romsey show, Broadlands, Romsey,Hampshire

20130403-060941.jpg 20130403-061028.jpg 20130403-061047.jpg





Published August 21, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

 Friday 23rd August……………..@nook_oz…….it be Ozzie’s birthday

3 birfdays on one day

Friday 24th August……………..@Elsiemaepuggles………

it be Murphy’s 2nd birthday and his 1st with them


@AbbyDawgBlog…….. It be her Mums birthday



20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx


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Dis a message fwom the people at Due to the sudden death of lovely Mollie last week we have decided to extend the competion on Facebook as the girls have been so upset and just concentrating on getting Mollies page right

they weren’t in the mood to promote the competition so its open now until next wednesday so don’t fawget to upload your pics and click on da like button .





testing new balls for kind4k9

squiggle cycle dog

squiggle had been dwiving me mad tellin me about her new ball she was testing to see if she fort kind4k9 should stock them

squiggle and Cycle Dog ball

and it sounded fun, you know me I loves a good squeak well I got all set up to test it a couple of weeks, I do take my job seriously and there wasn’t a pink one available so she sent me my next fav colour which is purple DSCN5983and I set aside a whole day to give it rigurus testing but you might remember I got mugged by baby bruv


well it was love at first sight baby bruv loved the ball everytime I tried to take it off him he was off and theres no way I can catch him, it took me nearly a week to get it off him, he has found a hidey hole I don’t know where but none of us could find the ball when it wasn’t in his mouth but then he would appear with it but the other day we got it off him so I actually had a bit of time with it and I can see why he likes it so much it feels nice and has a gentle squeak , I prefer a piercing squeak myself but I think he might even get away with squeaking this a lot when granma is staying .

DSCN5985before I fawget heres da link to the kind4k9 page

now sum more pics of us hafin fun wif da ball which is gweat , we has got da large one


I was mugged again and da ball is well n truly babys fav, tis first time he got dis attached to a ball other than his boomer ball.

DSCN6862 DSCN6860 DSCN6859

DSCN6848  DSCN6868



Published August 14, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Wednesday 14th August……………………@erictheborder

 Thursday 15th august……………………………………@mrmaxwoof &@ChesterWoof             tis their mummy Debby’s birfday

Saturday 17th August……………………@Shoei_Pup  It be Shoei birthday

Tuesday 20th August……………………@lelfox… be Buddy’s birthday.


20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx

#RIPMOLLIE no doggybloggy dis week due to sudden death of @Westiedoggy page to remember her at

Published August 7, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Theres no blog this week due to the sudden death of our lovely twitter pal Mollie yesterday .


Our thoughts go out to Mollies mum and we want

her to know how much Mollie will be missed and we will all be here for her when she feels ready to tweet again , we not only loved Mollie, we all love her mum too so whilst Mollie has been taken to take care of her dad we will be here for her mum.

RIP Mollie



22nd November 2010 – 6th August 2013

we are going to dedicate a page on here to our friend Mollie so if you would like to send a comment to be added please fill in this box, it will be a tribute to her as she touched so many of our lives and will be here for her mum to see when she wants to

Mollies Memorial page now live


Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent; her eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together…


Published August 7, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

we all knows n loves Owly @nightowl400 and dis fwiday ,9th August  tis her and mr owlys wedding annIversary

so Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Owl Hope you haf a gweat day

happy birfday today to




we has got 3 birfdays dis week all on the same day

10th August

@msmollyyoda it be her and her mums  birthday

                        @thepugsmummy…. It be Tilly’s birthday


20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx


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