@bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog discuss cool coats and keeping cool

Published July 10, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Hello squiggle

I owe you a massif apology for when you told me about the coats you sell at www.kind4k9.co.uk to keep us cool.

As the weather has got really hot at last. I started to fink about the poor doggies that aren’t as lucky as us and got trees they can go and lay under to keep cool and even doggies that go on days out or camping etc

So please tell me about the coats you sell so we can put it on the blog and tell our anipals that read it or have it read to them about them

Silly grandma when she last visited put a metal water bowl outside for us when she was visiting and that would of got warm when the  sun came out so got me thinking can your kind4k9 team give us top tips for keeping cool for us in the summer.

We eats lots of carrots from da fridge cos they are nice n cool and better for us than ice-cream although I has heard there’s dog ice-cream now, mum says she’s not found anywhere that sells it yet so not had chance to try it , have you tried it .

Hope you get some puter time soon .


Dear Bellisimo

Thank you for your letter, I too hope to get some puter time soon but we been busy with shows as we got New Forest Show coming up at the end of the month.  

The cool coats are great as they keep us cool! All they need is a bit of water to make em cold and then we can wear em and they stay cool for up to 4 hours and then the human just need to dunk em in water wring em out and put em back on us!

They comes in different sizes and colours and they is great for the dogs that go out for days as they can wander about and keep cool when when it hot. I hear our pal Kane is finding the heat difficult, (phew my kane is a hot hottie wifout da sun) I fink dat cos he a northerner and dey get it even less often dan us down south!

You will find the cool coats in this section of our shop  http://www.shop.kind4k9.co.uk/shop/category_18/Dog-Clothing.html?sessid=OxZg9GWsXZB9GZyiB7qOnv5wPLfACCPYzV0k52pv8JaDFWDOT0Vg36NdD9ZBt7IM&shop_param=cid%3D%26

843061940672 449963547740 182411041762Yorky in purple coat

this is the link to look at sizing your dog for a coolcoat



We also sells other great products like the Pet Top which is a clever ickle device you can put on a water bottle and den we can drink out of it! Great for days out!

Here the link http://www.shop.kind4k9.co.uk/shop/article_120/Pet-Top-Portable-Drinking-Device.html?sessid=OxZg9GWsXZB9GZyiB7qOnv5wPLfACCPYzV0k52pv8JaDFWDOT0Vg36NdD9ZBt7IM&shop_param=cid%3D32%26aid%3D120%26


We also sells the Road refresher water bowl, which is great for days out in the car as even when your homan drives badly it don’t spill! 

road refersher


And then there is the k9H2O Bottle which is also great! It comes in two sizes, have a browse on da shop for other colours too

h20 black



To help keep all me pals cool I has hacked into puter again and if ya type in HOT at checkout you will get 10% of any of these products! Valid until 20th of this month!


Da kind4k9 peeps is busy and wont help me write Top Tips for keeping cool, so shall we do it between us bells?


Sit under a tree, don’t sit in da sun!

Drink plenty of cold water, ensure you hoomans change it lots to keep it extra fresh and cold

Wear ya cool coat

Get the hoomans out of bed very very early and walk em before it gets hot, den keep em up late to take em again!

Don’t let the hoomans cuddle ya however needy they are, it makes ya hotter

Give in and let em clip you if you gots thick fur

Don’t go in da car unless you really really has too and get em to cool da car down first before they puts you in it .

IMG_4197IMG_4119 IMG_5478






3 comments on “@bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog discuss cool coats and keeping cool

  • Hello. Lovin the cool coats. We’ve never heard of them before. Flossie is quite interested. Anyway while its been hot flossie and i have had our feet in a paddling pool! Flossie stands in it and I sit in a chair under an umbrella with my feet in it. Lovely and cooling 🙂 xxx

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