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@squiggledog is busy helping @kind4k9 prepare for show on sunday

Published June 26, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

  hello evfurryone

We haven’t got an intervoo or revoo dis week cos Squiggle is busy soupervising preparations for the kind4k9 stall at lastchance rescue on sunday, and I am preparing an #askbella special plus any spare time we get we are makin da most of it and bein in da garden and getting some sun in our bones n making our fur look nice n shiny BNMiT-NCIAIAoAzsq

The secondchance rescue is where Squiggle met her mum and so they are big supporters and have a stand at the open day where you can buy all your favorite kind4k9 goodies and you might get to met squiggle cos her mum said if she behaves this week, bit tough I know a whole week to try n be good or at least not get caught doing anyfink norty, then nanna can take her down to visit for half an hour . the details can be found here on their  facebook page

talking of facebook did you know are on facebook too

so am I , I’m on there wif a page at or if you want to be my friend on there

20130307-220512.jpg image

 we want to have a page ofour friends pics wif your toys and tweats from kind4k9 so if  you haf got any please email them to us at and we will add them when we are updating the blog in the next few weeks.

Happy Birfday dis week to @TopDogue @EdiethePug @debs2606 @GraceyBlossom & belated happy birfday to @choccyangus

Published June 26, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

hBirfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Late addition just been told today, friday, is gawgs Ruby @TopDogue birfday.

happy burfday Ruby we hope you haf a gweat day.

A belated Happy birfday to @choccyangus who was 6 years old yesterday, hope you had a gweat day gawgus xxx

Happy birfday today to @EdiethePug  she will be 3 years old today, @GraceyBlossom tis going to be 21 today ,tis also Debs birfday today @debs2606 but we not gonna ask her age. Haf a gweat day all of you with lots of luv fwom all of us .

photoplease fill in dis form to let us know when its your birthday so we can wish you a happy birthday and your fwends can see its your birfday


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Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Wishing very Happy Birfday dis week to


25th June………………..@dieseldawwg

20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx

Pink product test for @kind4k9 and @squiggledog

Published June 19, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Squiggle sent me this to test last week

New bouncy ball wif tweat hole &silly grin

Hello evfurryone,
Da doggy bloggy bit late today cos I haf been so busy testin dis new ball fwom I wanted to get it right.

I not gonna write much fur dis revoo cos they say a picture says 1000 words well we got about 1000 pics. Dis new ball has kept me,mum & da bruvs entertained fur days dad had to confiscate it uvfur day so mum wud get on n cook his dinner cos she was trying to get a pic of me with the ball at the proper angle so I was doing a silly grin, well I didn’t do it but I got loads of treats put in da ball to encourage me to do it, and you can see from the pics how close she got so she didn’t miss the shot if I actually did it.

image image image image DSCN4824 DSCN4837 DSCN4838 DSCN4830 DSCN4822
Itchy bruv had a go wif da ball n he luved how chewy it was he found it quite comforting n granma fort it was wunderful cos it didn’t squeak.
It’s really bouncy too and they say it floats too but I fink you should eat da tweats furst or else they get soggy .

image  DSCN4814 DSCN4802 DSCN4252 DSCN4249 DSCN4247 DSCN4242 DSCN4243 DSCN4200 DSCN4172

It comes in 5 colors and I’m so happy it comes in pink so I got to test it.IMG_4771

I had a lickle nap while testing but hid da ball cos itchy had his eye on it

I had a lickle nap while testing but hid da ball cos itchy had his eye on it

dis is da link to da ball fwom

they half way down page , look at da uvfur new goodies they haf got in tis so xciting’s-New_.html?shop_param=cid=&

If you get one of these from we would luv to see a pic of you wif it

Please go and check out which of our fwends has birdays dis week and wish em happy birfday

Published June 12, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

photoEric has been collecting birfdays again so he can give  Birthday #brughugs and Bella & Squiggle can give birfday

kisses, this week its ……….

12th June……………………@angelshair01……… It be Kane’s  6th birfday

             also on 12th june ……………..    @GingerPOV

14th June……………………@sharwilliamsx80…….it be George’s birthday

15th June……………………@Wiggins_King1

photo photo

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug


Birfday Blog fur speshul boy Kane @angelshair01 HAPPY BIRFDAY

Published June 12, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

imageAs its Kanes Birfday today and he is Bellas Boyfwend and Squiggles twitter brufur we are getting to know a bit more about Kane and his Mammy , Emma or as Bella has renamed her Emmammy


Squiggle; are you ready yet Bells ? I’ve been waiting ages


Bella; yep I weady now, tis speshul day today going to see Kane and emmammy , I don’t know if daddylonglegs is gonna be there or not

Squiggle; you look gweat, your fur is shiny, I hates to admit it but your dad was right you do look better wif out da wispy bits.

Bella being twimmed whilst layin in da sun

Bella being twimmed whilst layin in da sun

Bella; fanks I wants to look my best fur my Kane as tis his birfday.

Bella and squiggle arrive at emmas house and Kane greets them wif a shoe which he drops and gives squiggle n Bella kisses all 3 become a big squeaking furball


Emma tries to get a bit of control

Emma; hello girls , come on Kane let them in properly and we can all go in the garden

Once in the garden Kane and Bella are playing tugger

Squiggle; hello Emma thanks for inviting us the day before Kane’s birthday what have you got planned for him.


Well Daddylonglegs says he can’t be here he’s at work fixing tea machines so Bells can have her morning cuppa!


Hello Girls so pleased to meet you in the fur! *hands bells n squiggs a bacon stick*

Squiggle; Bells still not allowed any I can look after it fur her look I get these evfurryday

imageBella; no tis ok I am allowed one a day and I not had one yet*takes it back off squiggle and eats it straight away

We got up early and went  to Kane’s favourite beach, and later opening his pressies then having a BBQ and he is getting a Cake. I made the cake today it is Honey and banana. I stayed up late tuesday  to put up his Gruffallo balloons and banners so he will get a nice surprise in the morning!

Squiggle; How old will Kane be, how long haf you been together?


Kane is 6 today and he has been with us since he was 7 weeks old! He was so tiny I used to carry him round in my t-shirt.


Bella; your mum seems weally lovely tell me bit about her

Kane ; she’s my mammy and I luvs her da mostest in da whole wide wurld we gots a bond.


Bella; yep I know dat but tell me bit more bout her we know she had birfday last week n she dus work, duz she work in shop or office?

Kane; oh she’s in office but comes home to feed me her lunch

Bella; ok I see if I can make dis easier

What’s mammys fav colour?


Oh I see. Pink of course!

Bella; what’s mammys fav food?


She lubs Sushi,seafood and weely hot spicy fings! She a total foodie lubs food!

Bella; dus you get da idea now tell us sum fings about your mum so we can gets to know her bit better cos she dus seem luverly  *giggles* has you told daddy I calls him daddylonglegs yet?


Yeah he fink it hilarious!

He fing me n mam cwazy wif some of da fings we tells him bout twitter but he used to it now!

it was Emmas birfday last week , kane gort Bella to do dis collage fur her

it was Emmas birfday last week , kane got Bella to do dis collage fur her

My mam lubs music, she like Nirvana, de kinks, de beatles, Pink Floyd David Bowie n fings like dat. She lubs Marylin Monroe n da 50’s clothing and she has a weird taste in clothes! She dwesses how she want to not what DA MAGAZINES SAY! She tenacious like da staffy, n she will stand up for any injustice! She try to help people in need and her friends get angwy on da night out coz she sit wif all da homeless people n buy dem coffee n cawwies flea treatment n dog tweats in her bag fur der doggies! look dis an old pic I found of her wif a wabbit in turkey image1

Squiggle; mmm I’m surprised they seem to be playing nicely I thought Bella would be jumping all over him, Kane does seem to haf a calming influence on her or is it cos he’s more bouncy than her ?


Yeah he is really bouncy, but I think he is trying to act all mature in front of Bella! He is 6!


Squiggle; we all know Kane’s a real cutie , can you tell us a bit about what he’s like to live wif, cos bells tells me he’s a bit hyper sumtimes and all over the place, mind you she’s a fine one to talk I haf trouble keeping up wif her at da best of times.

Emma ;

Ah hes a real pleasure to live with! He is totally hyper but great with people and other anipals, he just wants to see everyone and play constantly, he loves life. He is very sensitive though and sometimes shy in new situations but he is ok if I am with him and likewise, im shy but if Kane is there im fine.


Bella ; phew he’s good wif da tugger n I gets kisses too, do you wanna swop squiggle n you go play wif Kane n I talk wif emmammy

Squiggle; I didn’t realise you were actually trying I fort you were letting him win so you cud give him kisses

Bella; well it started out like dat then I fort I better twy a bit harder.

Emma; come and sit down Bells I will make you a cuppa


Squiggle runs off to see Kane

Squiggle ; alright bro, how you doin ? Are you xcited fur birfday

Kane ;

Hey sis! Yeah i is and I hafin da twitter pawty! But den again I always excited!


Squiggle; wot you planning to do dis week wif your mum on holidays


We doing loadsa fings, going to da beach, da woods, hafing icecweem, eating fings playing and hafin funs!


Bella; emmammy why did you join twitter?


I joined twitter in the hope that I could find some like minded people who share my love for anipals and I have met some amazing people! And anipals! There are some horrible people out there but I believe that Good always Triumphs over evil!

Bella; I luvs Kane vewy much you has bringed him up so well he’s so good too me n he lets me haf my lickle flirty times and my speshul fwendship wif mookie , tis good they are such good fwends.


dis is Kane he is @angelshair01 Bella's boyfwend , if you not seen it check out da mr & mrs

Emma;Well I think Kane should answer that one as we were talking about it earlier

Kane; I lub Mookie, kane says he my Wock Bro and fellow band member of Bellandebigboys he totally wocks that kid. I not wowwied bout you n him flirting you too bootiful for just one boy!

Bella; awww fankyous ,tis good you n Mookie is good fwends


Bella; Kane told us once he wants us to intervoo you cos you are more than his mammy can you tell us more about you


Well, all I try to do is be the best person I can be.

I will stand up for what I believe in and lend my voice to the voiceless.

Over the years I have saved loads of Anipals.

When I was 12 I wrote to the Bulgarian Embassy to state my disgust in their Tradition of the Dancing Bears. I was appalled in what I saw and thought I would let them know!

I have saved a Ram from being stuck in a wire fence, shredded my hand and he bit me!

I saved a rabbit at work that had mixmitosis and was being attacked by a magpie!

And on holiday in Turkey I adopted a stray dog for the week and feed him and cleaned him and gave him water everyday I was devastated when I had to leave.


My favorite was when I saved a lamb he was on the road and his mum was panicking, after a 20 min chase I caught him kissed his little head and put him back with mum!

The thing is these things might not have changed the world but I feel that I have tried my best in helping a few and that makes a difference. I f everyone could just help one animal in need then the world would be a better place.

Bella; what’s your idea of a perfik day


My perfect day would be waking up and seeing Kanes beautiful smiling face, going for a big walk together then snuggling him til he falls asleep in my arms. That to me is absolute heaven. Forget the lottery!

All you need is Love!

Kane; can I Ansa dat too?

Squiggle ; of course you can

Sossiges, bacon, kisses, walk, sossiges, steak, Ice cweem, kisses, bed

Bella; frow in a bit of pink n dats my perfik day too, whats yours squiggle?

squiggle; morning snuggles, ear tickle, back massages , walk in da forest,frankfurters , lots of RT and orders for the shop so I get sum tweats for tweets.

squig twit pc Kane wants evfurryone to join in wif his birday celebrations today so heres an invite, pop over to @angelshair01 wish him happy birfday and use #kanesbirfday he will be awound most of the day . Please leave Birfday wishes and comments below for him so he can look back and enjoy his day again an again


@bellisimobella1 and @squiggledog visit @sedgewick100 to learn bit more about her

Published June 5, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Bella runs up to squiggle all excited she said yes she says we can go n visit her and see Boo and da pusscats and da bunny wabbit , if I behaves n not twy n give da bunny too many kisses dat is.DSCN3357

Squiggle stops digging a hole, who you on about now Bells I can’t keep up wif you I fort we was gonna talk to Sumone about alfies new foundashun dis weeksquiggle 'gardening'

Bella; dats da booty of it I can talk to my lady Sarah who is also mookies arnty Sarah so she knows all about des fings

Squiggle; oh I know who you mean , she’s an alfies foundatshun advisor too isn’t she , oh ok yep that’s gweat bells lets go

Bella ; can I haf a bag of bacon sticks while I’m here so mums cut back my rations.

Squiggle ; sowwy bells no can do we gt dis from your mum image

Bella ; errrrrrrrrr okay can I haf. Packet of da chicky sticks then please pfffttt who says mums know every fink

Squiggle; sowwy bells she fort of dat one tooimage but as you on a diet I got sum carrots for you.

bella grunts fanks

They munch happily on their warrotts lookin at da horses n wabbits in da fields as they are on da cyber train to visit Sarah waters aka Sarah alfieslaw waters aka @sedgewick100.

Helllllllllooooooooo lady Sarah where are you tis me n squiggle come to raid Boos tweat cupboard

Squiggle; Bells shhh wot has I told you wait fur tweats to be offered

Bella ; oh poop I keep fur gettin wot if she fawgets to offer

Squiggle; well you archly gonna fade away fur couple of hours are you tubs

Bella ; ok I twy again Hellllloooooo lady Sarah we as awwived any chance of a cuppa *whispers* don’t fink cuppa classed as tweat but she might put few tweats on da tray.

Squiggle; I give up , you got answer fur evryfink I fort I was da smart one

Sarah ;

Hello you two, welcome to sunny Devon, of course you can have a cuppa, and  help yourself to treats Bells, Boo shares everything, especially for two bootiful ladies like you two, no bacon sticks though, sorry, they give Boo a poorly tummy (Best not to go there !!) He likes ice cream best, he has a baby cone of Hockings, it’s made locally and is the bestest.Ice cream Boo

Bella; can you introduce us to everyone Peeease I wanna meet da pusscats n da bunny and I wants to play wif Boo *whoops* *giggles*

Squiggle; looks like we haven’t to shy Bella today, keep an eye on her Sarah you nevfur know wots next when she’s like this.


Let me introduce you to my furry family,

firstly we have Jacob cat,



he is ginger and white, he was a rescue, about 6 when we got him and he is now about 16, he suffers with diabetes, but, is currently in remission, then we have



Gizmo bunny, he is 6, his birthday is on the same day as his hooman daddy  (he’s old though, he’s 40 !!!!), and he is on the foundation banner, on the website,image





then we have Matty and Monty cats, Matty is the nutty tabby and Monty is the black one, they are blood brothers, believe it or not, they are 5, then there is Boo, he is the baby, even though he is the biggest, he was 2 in January, there you have it, the Waters zoo !! Oh, all my cats are obsessed with dreamies, they loves them.



Bella ; hello Boo tis gweat to meet you , my speshul fwend mookie said to say hello to you.



Boo; hello bells yep he’s told me about your speshul fwendship and your pink imageEND BSL bandana, I’m glad you are here cos I has got an askbella queshun n wif mum so busy with the Alfies law foundation I don’t get much puter time, so I not been able to email you wif it .

Squiggle; right Sarah looks like bells is in askbella mode so I had better ask you a few queshuns until we gets her back, she’s so easily distracted.


Ok Squiggs fire away.


Squiggle; I know Bells as a couple of queshuns for you but I was wondering how and why you got involved with alfies law


I  first got involved about this time last year, I had been made redundant, had a bit more spare time on my hands and thought I would check out Twitter, it was here that I met Alfie, @alfiebeardie, and I thought to myself, I like what this pup is trying to do, so I followed him and just RT’d at first, as Twitter was so new to me and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but, I got hooked, and from then on, I have tried to help Alfie and his mum as much as possible, along with a great many others, and, I have made some great friendships too.

Squiggle; as an advisor what do you do

Sarah ;

Basic things to do are, on Twitter, RT the foundation, make people aware of what we are trying to achieve, tell them that they can donate, get their pets a bandana, and, now, also wristbands, but, also we post on Facebook groups, write to newspapers, tweet celebs, get articles in local papers, etc, anything to raise awareness, to help as many not so fortunate animals as possible, you two and my lot are the lucky ones, lots are not lucky at all. We also try to find ways of raising funds, so,  if anyone reading this has any ideas, please let us know. Also, don’t forget to show support with a twibbon, I can always do it for people if they get stuck.

Bella comes running in, boo is firsty ladysarah he says to ask you fur a cup of tea

Squiggle; Bella I doubt boo even drinks tea, not all dogs like it

Bella; oh but he might like to twy it and if he not like it I can finish it for him


Boo not tried tea before, but, I will make you one, maybe you could let him try yours ?

whoops sowwy I has dwunk it all

whoops sowwy I has dwunk it all

Bella; lady Sarah you wurk in a shoe shop named after me, is da bags pink?


Oh Bells, we do have pink bags, we have just had some really pretty and dainty evening bags, pink with white spots, plus, pink everyday bags too.

Bella; do you sell many pink shoes?


we have lots of pink shoes, I have three pairs, and, my pink sandals I wear as my work shoes, I always think of you when wearing them. Pink seems to be ‘in’ at the moment Bells, luckily for you.

Bellas pink bag

Bellas pink bag

Bella; wots wrong wif Boo back legs cos he looks bit wobbly like my grumpy bruv

Squiggle;Bella I fort you were payin wif boo

Bella; I was but he bit ouchy so I fort you cud go n giv him a massage n I talk to lady Sarah

Squiggle; I can’t do massages bells I only get them, I got no fumbs,i haf a lickle rest keepin an eye on you is hard work.


Bella;oh ok I fink he snoozing now

Squiggle; did you answer his askbella queshun

Bella; nope need ladysarah to help wif dat one

He wanted to know if lady Sarah is arnty Sarah to mookie are him n mookie cousins904858_10151435000297336_1598477482_o


I am an honourary Arnty to Mookie, so, they are not real cousins, we not met Mookie or his mum, yet, only talk on Twitter or Facebook, but, we all have a lot in common and all want to help the animals.

Boo has hip dysplacia, his bones have not grown properly, but, he is on pain killers and we are going to be giving him glucosamine tablets, hopefully they will help, we live near the sea, so, can take him swimming, I was talking to @spanielharry, and he suggested hydrotherapy, it helped him, so, we will be doing that too, but, he is not letting it stop him, he stills chases his tennis ball like a loon, we just don’t throw it high, and, he is still helping me promote Alfies’s Law Foundation, he is always wearing his foundation banana with pride.

Boo with his alfies law bandana

Boo with his alfies law bandana


Bella: i needs to say fanks to you n Boo cos wen you showed Boo in his luvly banana fwom I went n had a peek , I was impwessed to see Boo has a banana named after him n I buyed a pink one fwom them, tis gweat that they are making the Alfieslaw bandanas


Okeydokey lady Sarah can you play 5fings wif us?

Squiggle; I fort we weren’t doin dat anymore

Bella; I know but I likes it , if I can’t do dat can I ask 5 qwick unsensored queshuns

Squiggle; NO! We play 5 fings

5 fings we know about lady Sarah

She Wurks in Bella’s shoe shop

You puts Alfie twibbon a on people’s pics fur em

She’s lovely

They used to haf a camper van

She’s got pink dressing gown

5fingswe not know about lady Sarah

Ooh, this is difficult, I’m not very exciting, but, here goes.

1. I  had a hot air balloon ride for my 40th birthday, it was amazing and I want to do it again, ooh, it was a champagne ride too.(Bella looks confoosed, squiggle I pops balloons wot if lady sarah was in last balloon I popped? Squiggle: tis ok Bells she’s here so she obviously wasn’t, *whispers* to Sarah sometimes its quicker and easier to just go along with her.

2. I LOVE sheep, just as well as they are every where here.

3. We are going to get another van to convert, we love days out and a cuppa and a bacon butty in the van.

4. I have been to New York twice, and, it was awesome, want to go again, but, at Christmas.

5. I actually have a pink and a blue (sorry Bella) dressing gown, yep, I have two dressing gowns, spolit in our house !! Bella; I suppose its gud to haf aspare cos Boo tells me he likes your pink oneDressing gown Boo


Fanks lady Sarah has been gweat to catch up wif you and Boo, has he got his boomer ball yet, I didn’t see it in da garden.


No, it hasn’t arrived yet, should be here very soon, I’ve told him all about it and he can’t wait.


I see you gif Boo pigs ears has , you got one I cud nibble on da way home?

Squiggle; Bella you haf eaten enuf today


Thank you for visiting is today,it has been lovely, you must come again soon. she then sneaks a few pigs ears into bellas bag while squiggle isn’t watching *whispers* enjoy them later Bells

Bella; before we gets da cyber twain has you got any fink you wants to add about alfies law foundatshun or anyfink else?

We has put da link here

         this is where you can sign the petition and pas it around to your friends and family to sign

Just can everyone please look at the website, sign the petition and share it as much as possible, please, animals need a voice, we must be that voice, apart from you Bella, I think you make enough noise already, lol.

I cant wear purple it not my colour so I has got a one off cos I wants to show my support


squiggle;thanks  fur today  Sarah gweat to see you, there’s not many places I can take our bells and know she can get away wif da chaos she can sumtimes cause.


Squiggle : oh noooooooooooooo

Bella; lady sarah said we is in Devon is dat near devonia where Hawwy lives

Squiggle:; NO, Nowhere near *whispers to Sarah* Harry has enough on his plate at moment wifout Bells turning up on his doorstep


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Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Eric has been vewy busy collecting birfdays dis week, I fink dios da most we haf evfur had.

5th June………………….@VincentRocket

                                    @angelshair01 it be emmammys birfday she shares da account wif kane (Bella’s boyfwend)

6th June…………………..@poppy_keating it be her fursister Roxy

7th June…………………..@TobyBarrow2

8th June…………………..@tomopug

9th June …………. @Nutty_Boom_Boom

10th June…………………@josiejump82 it be her doggie Austins birthday

photo photophoto

if you would like us to add your birfday please fill in dis form or tell @ericmcbrug your birfday



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