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@squiggledog and @bellisimobella1 talk to @marcthevet

Published May 30, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

imageSquiggleeeeeeeeeee wake up we has got an appointment wif da vet

701092305dis gotta be a nightmare , no way would Bells be xcited about seeing da vet



Hello Marc da vet , you are vewy gawgus, I’m Bella and dis is my bestie Squiggle, we have a blog together at  where we blog about all sorts and Squiggle has a dogshop wheres she sells all gweat dog products they are called and I only realised recently that it was kind  4 k9 , da team there are gweat and offer help and advice Squiggle is their chief product tester and I am da pink product tester, I also work at as #askbella agont aunt.kind4k9logoheader-bella


Hi! How are you doing? Thanks for interviewing me and helping to spread awareness about ticks and the diseases they can spread!

 BELLA: I feel as though I know you a lickle bit cos my fwend Heidi a Cavalier King Charles used to be your patient and she used to say how luverly you were and got so xcited when you were going to be on tv. She has pancreatis and you were gweat with her and explaining everyfink to her mum.


Ah, that’s really sweet. I remember her! Please pass on my regards.

SQUIGGLE: Bells is dat da one you had tail envy with? we are here to talk to Marc about vet fings anyways not what a good vet he is we know dat and has seen dat when he is on tv and if you look at his website too

BELLA: ok sowwy , I gets cawwied away , Marc why are you still a practising vet or are you too busy?


Yes, I am a full time vet and I love it!

SQUIGGLE: Have you got any dogs? If so can you tell us a bit about them?


Unfortunately, I’m too busy to have a dog of my own. I do however get my dog fix from all my wonderful patients


BELLA: you do a lot of charity work and raising awareness , which is gweat what made you get involved and what was the first cause you ever got involved with?


I got involved with campaigns as I believe that responsible pet ownership is of huge importance, campaigns such as the Be Tick Aware campaign by FRONTLINE Spot On are great as they inform owners on how to improve the care of their pet in ways they might not have previously known.

The first cause I got involved with was with microchipping week around 8 years ago.

SQUIGGLE: OH dat was a good one Bells, you been pwactisin, I got one, Marc you are the ‘face’ of the merial tick campaign this year along with  Sara Cox, what is the most annoying myth about ticks that you hear?


I would say the most annoying myth is that ticks only affect sheep and animals that live near sheep. That is completely untrue, ticks affect both animals and humans and they are not picky about where they find them! You can find ticks in urban areas as well as the countrysideimage

Theres so many pics of ticks on Google you can look at them if in any doubt and this is a good video from Frontline

BELLA: I has a pwoblem wif my bruvfurs pinchin my teddies leavin em out at night sum say you gotta be careful cos of snails n slugs, why is it bad fur us dogs to eat snails & slugs?


Snails and slugs contain Lungworm which is a potentially fatal illness. Make sure your pet has been vaccinated against Lungworm.

SQUIGGLE: Is there anything our humans can do if they not got a special tick remover or are wary of using it?we has got some tick removers in da shop image

If you are unsure of how to use a tick comb or how to remove a tick safely, then visit your vet who can give you more information.

BELLA: dats good Squiggs, cos last year mum fort I had a tick in my face and dad couldn’t get hold of it with da tick remover fingy so they took me to the vets in the end and it was a fing dat had to be popped with a needle it wasn’t a tick, jus looked like it.

SQUIGGLE: I remember that, didn’t they say you had to keep an eye out for it coming back?

BELLA: yap, but so far it hasn’t but they was sure it was a tick, it would of hurt if they had got the tick thingy and pulled, Marc is there any way you can tell 100% it’s a tick?


If you look closely, you’ll see it’s legs wriggling.  Be careful if you are going to remove the tick as the removing the tick can make it feel quite stressed (believe it or not!) and will make it panic. It will then regurgitate whatever it has just eaten into the victims bloodstream, which is how Lyme Disease can be spreadimage

Fanks fur da intervoo Marc the vet, keep up da gweat work that you do in helpin all the animals .

Thank you back! It was a great interview and thank you for helping raise awareness of the Be Tick Aware campaign by FRONTLINE Spot On. Keep looking after your pets guys!

Bella: Fanks marc and good luck wif evryfink, say hello to our fwend Hawwy

Squiggle: Why is he seein Hawwy?

Bella; They are hafin a chat about the the epetition and I fink Hawwy is intervooin him about @pupaid, Shall we go n get some bacon sticks

You can find out more about Frontline here

This is the link for the tick twister from

There are balls and then there are Boomer balls, I love em all but Boomers are ahmazing

Published May 29, 2013 by Bellisimobella1


                                                                                                                        DIS IS BASIL MY BOOMER BALL (tis a 10 inch one) Dis is about da wonder of boomer balls dis week, when mum got our first boomer ball dad said balls was balls and it was a waste of money well, as usual dad was proved wrong and mum proved right again, a boomer ball is bwilliant. we has had a few of them in the past couple of years as a couple have mysteriously disappeared, we don’t know how or why but they have. DSCN2882DSCN0155 we did have a small  one but that went out under the gate one day so that went to live wif my fwend and they are vewy happy together so we were down to just one boomer ball recently and between 4 of us dat is not a good, and once grumpy gets hold of it, forget it nobody else gets a look in. grumpys back legs are so bad nowadays he doesn’t walk vewy much but as soon as he sees the boomer ball that’s it, heres da link to a lickle clip of him playin wif it the uvfur day We just got anuvfur boomer fwom so that at least 2 of us can be playing be playing wif it at da same time, none of us like sharing it and it isn’t weally a ball we play wif together like da football so tis gweat fur keeping single dogs entertained.DSCN2187 baby bruvfur is a weal pickle with boomer ball when its his go, he has a gweat game or aiming it just right n getting mum wif da boomer he calls it mummy bowling and twies to see if he can knock her over. they say dat da balls aren’t fur pickin up and to get da bigger size but as you can see baby dus pick it up, he gets his teefies stuck sumtimes but manages to get himself fwee.DSCN0040 da one fing we all do wen playin wif our boomer ball is make weally stawnge noises , we sounds so scawy granma did run out last time she was here she fort we had got da postie.DSCN2714 They are a bit expensive but they don’t burst like footballs and should last a for years , we love em, haf you got a boomer ball? tell us about your boomer ball and show us some pics. Oh an don’t let da hooman kick it in flipflops or slippers cos they make funny scweaming noises. DSCN2639

Speshul boys got birfdays dis week

Published May 29, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

3 speshul boys got birfdays dis wweek today Sam @TheEejits is 15 happy birfday Sam , hope Auntie jojo spoils you lots xxxxxx


31st May………………@MrMaxWoofimage



imagewe all hope you haf gweat birfdays


Bella goes to see @squiggledog

Published May 22, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Morning squiggle mummy, squiggle said I could interrogate you while she’s helping her nana wif da gardening cos I kept grabbing her tail, I wish I had a fluffy tail like her, I got tail envy mines like a rats tail.

squiggle 'gardening'

Why hasn’t you been letting my squiggle haf puter time? There was a rumor it’s cos I a bad influence on her but I learnin most fings I know fwom her.

You a bad influence! Squiggle has not been on the computer much as she has been busy supervising me get ready for Surrey County show on Bank Holiday Monday. I price things up and she says ‘I reckon we can do a better deal on dat’ so I have to reprice it! That and things mysteriously disappear!

I am sure that Squiggle is a constant bad influence on you Bells so don’t worry I know she is a pickle but pretends to be innocent at all times.


Fankyou fur getting my last fix of bacon sticks to me so quickly, how are fings wif da Royal Mail price increases has you made changes cos service is still vewy fast.

Yes we have had to make changes and use couriers now as it was that or hugely increase our postage costs. So to try and keep our prices down for customers it was the only way forward.  We still use Royal Mail but only for small parcels!


Are you nearly ready fur Mondays show at Guildford?

Yep we are nearly ready, we will be setting up the marquees and things on the Sunday and so going to be a very busy weekend.


What show speshuls has you got?

We have loads of special offers, we have reduced some of our core stock and we have extra treats and toys in just for the shows on great deals, oh and big pile of lovely soft beds! We had to hide them from Squiggle as she kept testing them!


Haf you done Surrey County Show before? Is dat where @ericmcbrug is gonna come n say hellooo to you? Can you get us a pic of Eric at da kind4k9 stand?

Sadly we cant as Eric has told us he is no longer able to come, I am gutted as I was looking forward to a #brughug , but I hope some of other twitter friends will be there and come and say hello.

Eric came last year when we also attended, we have a bigger stand this year so fingers crossed the weather is kind and lots of peeps come and visit our stand.


How long does it take you to get all da stock out and looking nice?

It takes us several hours to get it all unpacked, looking tidy and in the right place! Early start on Monday for the team!

I suppose it’s easier to pack up instead of set up speshuly if you sell lots?

Yes it is much quicker to pack up than set up, as long as it’s not windy and then talking marquees down in much harder than getting them up!


Squiggle told me dat some doggies help themselves to your stock dats vewy norty and wude I don’t fink any of our twitter fwends wud do dat, are you puttin fings up higher dis time ?

We had a really bad time at the last show as dogs kept stealing treats and toys! Yes they are higher on the plan this time but to be honest unless we put them up on the ceiling I still think they will get stolen! Some people do let their dogs wee up the stock too and that can be expensive for us! We have as much as we can above pee and theft height but not always possible!

Oh and then there are the children……………. Squeak squeak squeak is all you can hear in the marquee sometimes! I told Squiggle we really need all squeaky toys in locked cabinets! LOL


Why do you do da shows *whispers* has you got any fink I can nibble please  I’m hungry?DSCN0374

Squiggle tells us you are always hungry Bells! Bacon stick or chicken stick?

We do the shows to sell stock and promote the online shop, the show days are great fun generally it is just the preparation that’s not!


If our twitter fwends come n buy from you at da show will they get a biscuit if they say hello and who they are?

Oh yes we always have biccys for our fweinds, Squiggle makes me take em!


Fanks fur da bacon stick I go back and see my squiggle now,*runs off to find squiggle* here you are *hands Squiggle a bacon stick * you were right she fell fur it I got Her talking about da show then said I was hungry n she gave me a pack .

Squiggle: Errrr bells if she gave you a pack that should be 2each for us

Bella; oh sowwy I ate 2while I was wif her then came here to share wif you, whoops I should of given you what was left in da pack, do you fink it’s worth me goin back n trying again cos you prefer the chicky ones anyway don’t you?

photo (5)

What are you doin on Bank Holiday Monday ? (27th May)

Published May 22, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

 Squiggle team are goin to be at

 Surrey County Show, Guildford

pop along to say hello to the team and see the show speshuls Squigggle has arranged




Published May 22, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Birfday #brughugs fwom @ericmcbrug

Wishing very Happy Birfday dis week to

23rd May………………….@tobysprocker happy birfday gawgus boy xxxxxx

Toby is 1 so tis a vewy speshul birfday fur him

24th May………………….@baldricksmom……. Baldricks birthday


27th May………………….@ladymuckgivesaf….Angela‘s birthday we all sending massif hugs to Angela , she may not feel much like celebrating but we want you to know we all wish you a vewy happy birfday and are sending you lots of love and hugs

27th May………………….@staffyangel   , I dun dis in pink cos like me Angel is a big fan of pink, hope you haf gweat day Angel

20130225-200750.jpgPlease tweet @EricMcBrug with your birfday date so we can wish you or any of your twitter fwends a vewy happy birfday

Dis form is for you to let us know your birfday tisnt fur leaving comments they go in da uvfur box, although we dus like getting lickle comments wif da birfday dates too just uvfurs cant see them xxx

Greetings , Bella and Squiggle discuss how us doggies would like to be gweeted

Published May 15, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Morning squiggle,

I was looking at @EdiethePug blog the other day , it was before my spring picture was on there so not just cos of that and she did an article about dogs needing space and had dis gweat picture 4455993339_25e495f32a                                                                                           (dis and more are by Lili Chin and you can find her at )

and I know

My mum always has to tell grandma off cos she is always rushing straight in to dogs she doesn’t know and we tried to tell her and also took her to the website


It really is horrible, especially being lickle like I am wen sum big hooman stranger jus gets in my space.

So wude, so I was wondering if your hoomans at  could give us some info on da Yellow dogs scheme and what you finks.

Mum said there should be a yellow ribbon for hoomans, Dad says just go out wif out your makeup nobody will invade your space.  They not talking now. Fink he’s gonna need to give her a lot of Cadburys to get out of that one.

Look forward to hearing from you

Love Bestie Bella

photo (6)

Herrow Bella

Fank you for your letter, I was so excited when I received it and so I marched into da office and told da hoomans to write something about dogs safety and Yellow dog and this is what they wrote.

‘Anything that helps raise awareness that not all dogs are confident and relaxed in every situation is great. Education is the only way we will help keep people safe and reduce the number of incidents of dogs bites in the UK.

There are a number of resources on bite prevention and this is something that we should all be aware of as we share our society with these wonderful animals. There are also a number of resources specifically directed at parents and helping keep children safe around dogs which is essential education for every child.

The Association of Pet Behaviour counsellors have produced some great material available on their website

Their website also contains other behaviour articles and is well worth a look by all.

What we must remember is that people with reactive dogs should seek help from a qualified and experienced trainer or behaviourist who is using up to date knowledge and methods.

The downside to schemes like the Yellow ribbon is that sometimes people are going to come close to find out why you have a ribbon tied to your dog, this is of course the last thing we want if that dogs is reactive or frightened. Unless it is a universally understood scheme this risk will always present.

We must also bear in mind the culpability of the owner if they are aware their dog is potentially unsafe in public. There is no replacement for getting expert help and advice to help modify your dogs behaviour and understand your responsibilities as a dog owner.

We as a society have so much more to learn about dogs and their behavioural needs and we need to promote that people keep up to date on developments in the ways we train and in turn what will have a detrimental effect on our dog’s behaviour.

If people are seeking help with their dog then we recommend they take a look at the members of the APBC in their area’

I hope this help answer your question Bells, I look forward to hearing from ya soon

Love Squiggle


Dear Squiggle

Fanks Squiggle for asking dem about dat, der lots of info on dat website, I gonna get a packet of bacons sticks and munch whilst I read.  But just before I go I has written my version on 5 ways to greet a hooman and how not to too! Just call it experience! BOL


5ways to greet a hooman

Sit and wait for them to come to you

Look at them like they are a sossige

Try to look interested when dey chats aimlessly at ya

Put on ya sad face if dey eatin as dis increases da chance of snacks

Be slow and quiet in ya movements dey may be frightened off you too!


5ways not to greet a hooman

Don’t jump all over them wif muddy paws

Don’t run at em n bark

Don’t give em your chew or bone, they nevfur appreciate it

Don’t stick ya nose in der crutch on da first meeting, second meeting is better etiquette.

Don’t wipe ya chin on der trousers, dey don’t like it

Please everyone remember not all of us are confident all the time and respect and understanding will go a long way in helping dogs and hoomans to live safely together.

Wuv Bells

What are you doin on Bank Holiday Monday ? (27th May)

Published May 15, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

 Squiggle team are goin to be at

 Surrey County Show, Guildford

pop along to say hello to the team and see the show speshuls Squigggle has arranged





@EricMcBrug has got 4 birfdays dis week

Published May 15, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

photo@EricMcBrug collects birfdays so that we can wish all our fwends a vewy happy birfday and send evfurryone speshul #birfdaybrughugs

This week we has got 4 fwends to wish a vewy happy birfday to

16th May……………@Pugluv_4Ever…..Pugsy

                   AND            @Kevinthewhippet

18th May…………….@Jannerchick….Mollie

21st May……………..@OllyTheDog2012

photodis comment box is fur telling us your birfdays to leave blog comments plese use da comment button at da bottom


Lots of birdays dis week hope Eric has got lots of #brughugs ready dis da most evfur

Published May 8, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

Dis is Eric McBrug n he is in charge of birfdays

As you know our cutie @EricMcBrug is in charge of collectin da birfdays fur us n keeping me n Squiggle in line so we dont fawget any, so if you know any brifdays please let us know so we can wish em Happy Birfday on here.

 Lots of birfdays dis week,

we hope you all have lovely birfdays n get even more spoilt

  8th May………………..@Elsiemaepuggles


                                               @TidyBetty…. Lily


9th May………………..@gingersnap559.  Will be 1


10th May………………@thepugsmummy…… Betty will be 1

                                                                         12th May……………..@PugsyM

> 13th May………………@ZaraTzu

 14th May………………@Issy_bissy.. She is @Tommypugs Mum and will be 30.



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