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AS you kno I duz test pink fings fur www.kind4k9.co.uk well da furst fing I tested offishally was da pink octy, now I luved da pink octy and kept goin on about it so much so my bestie Squiggle told me to shut up on several occasions.


Anyways heres why I luvs da octy it is soft n fluffy, its legs make crinkly noises, its got squeaks in its tentacles and its hed oh my its hed, its hed duz a noise *whispers* botty burps .untitled

I luvs da octy so much and had so much fun wiv him dat Squiggle did order them to get in the shop and then she showed me dis picfur a whole box of em


then she tipped em out , turns out I had been testing da mummy one  and cos I drove squiggle mad about it , they decided to get the  daddy and the baby in. Of course I had to but da daddy n da baby to makke the family complete.

photoI luvs my octys so much they has become my ‘fing’ if you look at my uvfur job at http://www.spanielharry.co.uk/ask-bella/ I haz got em on my page there.

Heres  a few more picfurs they is gweat as hats too and what I haz decided as they are my favoritist toy evfur I gonna do Bella & da octys adventures, I gonna show da whole octy family and we gonna have adventures in da garden and da fields awound here and I might even go in da car wiv em, an you knos how scared I am of da broom broom but wiv my octys I can take on da wurld.


Has you got an octy , Which you got?

My kane @angelshair01 he gots a blue octy photo

we haz got his n her octys

we did get our octys fwom www.kind4k9.co.uk heres da octy link http://www.shop.kind4k9.co.uk/shop/category_27/What’s-New_.html?shop_param=cid=&

If you gets octys let us know and send us your picfurs we always luv to see da picfurs .

DSCN0082 DSCN0085

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